Skid Marked Briefs

I've always been turned on by skidmarked underpants. The strong musky man smell of them drives me crazy. I used to swap briefs with some like minded guys in the past. As a physiotherapist i see a lot of guys in underpants and a fair few have stains up the back. It's a man thing i guess. Right now im wearing some white 2Xist briefs right now with some good strong skids in them. its making me hard just thinking about it.
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Really Hot

WOW, Johnny, I wish that you would show us a picture of yourself in those HOT white 2Xist briefs!!!!! YUM!!!! :)

I'd love to have you see (and perhaps smell) the brown racing stripes in my undies while on your physiotherpy table. 2X briefs? Nice one, that tells me that you must have one gorgeous bum!