Over the Years

Where I grew up, most of thekids skinny dipped, and we never thought much about it.  Years after we were married, we had some visitors and after a movie, one very hot night, we decided to go for a swim.  The lake was near a university, and is often busy on weekeds, but as this was during the week, we figured that it would be deserted.

Sure enough, when we got there, the parking lot was empty, and no one could be seen or heard.  As we were all good friends, we ******** and went in.


About three hours later, the sun came up.  We weren't paying attention except around our group, then one of the guys looked up, and there we were, surrounded by about 50 others floating around on air mattresses and inner tubes.  Most were nude as well.

Since then, we put inour own pool, and suits were reserved for strangers.

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Yes it is shame that has gone by the wayside. How often did you skinny dip between the ages of 10-17 and did you skinny dip in mixed company then or only with guys? As puberty kicked in were you more reluctant to swim nude or since everyone did it was no big deal. Did mom and family approve of the skinny dipping growing up and what part of the country did this happen.

Also, if you dont mind me sking were you spanked back then sometimes growing up and were spankings ever bare too? By whom if so and until what age?

I am hoping with a weak economy, people begin to realize how needless most clothing is, and how much fun you can have nude. Not sexually, just plain relaxed fun.

Times have changed for the worse for reasons unknown. I hope we can get back to the true nature of nudism, freedom and enjoyment of the elements to the fullest extent. Nothing sexual!

Yes I agree, can you describe what age you started skinny dipping and how you felt the first few times and how it felt growing up?

I was born in 1943 and grew up in the 1950s. I didn’t know any one who owned a bathing suite. Waste of $...D


When did you start skinny dipping at what age and how long did you continue. Did you skinny dip even as teenagers and was it just the guys or sometimes in mixed comapany. Did mom and family approve and what kind of swimming holes or pools did you swim in back then and skinny dip.

Being from the older times can I ask if you were also spanked growing up asnd ever spanked bare bottom? If so by whom and until what ages?

Skinnydipping was alot more common in years past than it is now. When did America become so 'prudish'? There is actually nothing sexual about simply swimming in the nude. In such a sexually promiscuous society as we have....its ironic that simple and casual nudity is so looked down upon.