When I lived in Austin, TX back in 70s, I used to go regularly to Hippie Hollow and Paleface Park. Paleface Park was quite a bit nicer than Hippie Hollow although it was further away. It was on the Pedernales River and had some nice coves. There was not much "sightseeing" from gawkers so it was more comfortable. It was there I got the worst sunburn of my life. Yes, even there!!!
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I do not think there is nudity at Pace Bend Park anymore, I think it is all confined to Hippie Hollow now. Lake Travis is so low now due to the drought. But I understand Pace Bend Park used to be a nice place to go skinny dipping with the rope in the tree, etc. It costs $15 dollars to get in to Hippie Hollow, a place where you can sun bathe and swim nude. There are a lot of "bushwhackers" there so be careful. The highest level sun screen is definitely mandatory at Hippie Hollow.

WOW.......I used to go to Hippie Hollow too!!! Did you ever make it to Hamilton Pool??

Yes - Hamilton Pool, too! But never skinny dipper there.