With Family On Holiday

Last month, my sister-in-law Kath and her husband Michael come to stay with us while on holiday for 3 weeks.  One evening we were sitting out having dinner and a few drink.  After a couple of hour I suggested to everyone that since it was a warm night, that they might like to jump in the pool.  They thought it was a good idea and my wife and Kath went to get changed while Michael and I finished off our drinks.  After a few minutes, they came back in their bikini's.  Seeing us, Kath asked Michael if he was going to join them. He replied that he needs to get changed, to which Kath replied, "you don't have too, since he (meaning me) probably won't".  Michael looked puzzled.  Kath then started to tell Michael that my wife and I have skinny dipped with other people before.  I immediately looked at my wife and asked her what she has said.  She told me that she told Kath about new years eve when we were at the beach with our friends and the fun we had.  Kath then said that she thought we were brave and that she didn't think she could do it.  I couldn't help but say that it was no big deal.  That we were comfortable about our bodies and that when everyone is nude, it isn't embarrassing since no one has anything to hide.  I then asked Michael what he thought.  He replied that he was ok with it but had never tried.  Kath then dared him.  Michael didn't look sure about this I think because my wife was there.  So realizing there was an opportunity, I started to take my clothes off.  Michael decided that since I was doing it, he could and started to get naked.  Leaving our clothes at the table we walked over to the pool with our wives and jumped in.    Kath kept saying that she could believe what we had done. 

After a while I heard Michael say to Kath, that she should try it.  She replied "I don't know, I would like to but its too emabarrassing".  I then said to my wife quietly , why don't she take her bikini off and then started to pull her bikini bottoms down.  She didn't resist and started to undo her top.  I then heard Michael say, "look your sis is joining us".  Kath turned around in shock but was re-assured by my wife that its no big deal.  Before she knew, Michael pulled her bikini top string and her top fell off. She quickly covered her breast and sank lower into the water.  My wife then went over and gave her a hug and told her it was ok.  This relaxed Kath and after some hesitation, she pulled off her bottoms, held it up and said, "here, their off" and threw her bikini to the side of the pool.  We all congratulated her for being brave and overcoming her fear.

We swam for a while.  My wife and I climbed out of the pool to get more beer and wine.  This gave Kath and Michael a good look at us as we walked back and gave them the drinks.  I was excited at being naked in front of Kath and I'm pretty sure my wife felt the same way about being naked in front of Michael. A little later Kath and Michael climbed out and sat on the lounger, which gave my wife and I a good look at them.  Kath like my wife has a great body.  Slim and fit with quite large breast. My wife commented to me that she thought Michael was quite "well hung". We decided to join them at the lounger and talked for some time.  During this conversation, my wife remarked that now Kath had done this, the next step would be the get ride of the moonshine bum and go to a nude beach. Kath and Michael thought that this would be fun to try and so we started to plan this.  But that is another experience.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Sounds like a pleasant experience. I hope that the four of you made it to a nude beach.