Kinda, Sorta

So, I used to ditch my 'student aide' class and go home early...except that before I took off, I'd always 'check in' so the teacher could mark me as present. That kind of counts, right?

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Ditto. <br />
<br />

Actually, saycheese, I believe they do.<br />
<br />
Ditto fluid, huh Celery? :P

I guess I would be dating myself to mention how great ditto fluid used to smell!!

I take it you haven't tried the scented Crayola markers. lol =P

That makes sense. Especially considering chalk would only make sneeze.

No!! That's what the white out and white board markers are for!

No sniffing now... :P

Yay!! I've always hated that saying too! Teaching is indeed a challenging profession. You deal with tons of different personalities and academic levels each day. It's hard to reach everyone, but we always try, try, again!<br><br />
<br><br />
Thanks for your support, cheese!

I greatly admire teachers....its one of the jobs I could never do. I don't have that kind of wherewithal. :)

OK! OK! Just don't break out the D.A.R.E t-shirts. lol

Listen, you either pay up front, in time, effort, and dedication; or you pay later by kicking yourself, and regretting your lowered earning potential. It's all about weighing the short and long term costs and benefits.<br />
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Be cool! Stay in school!! LOL

In those situations I guess school becomes more of a means to an end I suppose.

Wish I could skip class cos I hate being back at school, wish I had never decided to go

Trust me, we always know who the good ones are, and we let you get away with murder!!! LOL

Yea, he was a pretty cool guy. :)

Your teacher wasn't fooled, trust me! He/She must just really like you and think you're a good kid!

Just a little : P

haha...oops. lol

Which is exactly the lesson I wish I had learned much sooner : P

Well, I'm a posuer with straight A's so =P

Nope, you're just a posuer. ; )