Resting At Last

For me it came suddenly about six months ago I began falling asleep easily a night, something that for me was unusual.  Then I was falling asleep everywhere while driving, thankfully nothing happened.  At work I just could not function I could not maintain my eyes open.  Then I decide to go to my Dr. and he gave me the order for a sleep study.  Two hours into the study they have to wake me up to put me on a CPAP.  The results severe sleep apnea and they prescribe me a CPAP with a setting of 19.  

I thought well it could not be that expensive then when a visited a medical supplies store they read the recommendations from the study and told me that it will cost me $1,580.  I was in shock that amount of money was simply out of the question.  I spend almost a month searching for a solution and the apnea was getting worse I was basically unable to do anything at the office, then a friend offered my a spare CPAP he had at home and not only that but he also offered to send a new mask.   He sent it and as soon arrived I connected and used even when it did not had the right settings but I was desperate.  The next day I had it calibrated  and since that night I sleep like a baby and I wake up rested and full of energy.  I have my life back and I owe all that to my friend who kindly sent me that machine that gave me my life back.  

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I had Sleep Apnea but talked to my Ears, Nose and Throat" doctor (who had the same surgery himself) and he was able to convince my insurance company (in less than 5 munutes), that a 60 minute surgery taking out my tonsils, my uvla, and a bunch of that extra hanging crap in my throat and I was cured of sleep apnea. I was in and out of the hospital where the surgery took place in four hours. I cannot snore now because everything back there to allow snoring is removed. Four of my friends have asked for and have gotten the surgery and are now sleeping like a babies every night with no CPAP machine ever again. Check it out. Ask the question. I had the operation in 2010 and am very thankful I made the decision to have the surgery. I had 10 days of a sore throat and now a lifetime of no problems.

Thanks for your comment and for the information.

My experience is much like yours, but I fought the sleepiness for like 2 years until I would literally sit down in the dining room to eat and fall asleep. I did the sleep study and am on a cpap, I don't remember what the setting is, but they also have to pipe in 02 thru a bipap because even with the cpap my 02 levels were too low at night. The bipap is set on 3 liters, whatever that means. My reason for responding is that I've been trying to educate myself as much as possible, because I've been just falling apart it seems. There are many publications at respiratory supply companies (I use lincare) that will inform you about OSA,(obstructive sleep apnea) and other things that can be caused from it. High BP, bad circulation, weight gain, depression, are just a few. It would be to your benefit to check it all out. Best of luck to you