No Cpap Satisfaction

I've been using a CPAP machine for a year and a half.  I used the sleep pillows with a Swift Light for Her, a Red chin strap and taped my lips shut with paper tape from the medical section of the drug store.  It gave me what I needed with air pressure of 10 cm, but when I put on weight and had to change to 13 cm, nothing helped me.  So I was given a full-face mask, but it never sealed completely because I have little "meat" on the bones of my face.  I keep going back and being refitted for the next suggestion from the provider, but four masks and a few chin straps later, I'm still unable to get the benefits of CPAP that I had before my machine was recalibrated for 13 cm of pressure. 

I'm falling asleep driving to work and at traffic lights but can't find the right head gear to give me uninterrupted sleep.  Does anyone have any other ideas for me?

pekoeanddarjeeling pekoeanddarjeeling
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2012

I had Sleep Apnea but talked to my Ears, Nose and Throat" doctor (who had the same surgery himself) and he was able to convince my insurance company (in less than 5 munutes), that a 60 minute surgery taking out my tonsils, my uvla, and a bunch of that extra hanging crap in my throat and I was cured of sleep apnea. I was in and out of the hospital where the surgery took place in four hours. I cannot snore now because everything back there to allow snoring is removed. Four of my friends have asked for and have gotten the surgery and are now sleeping like a babies every night with no CPAP machine ever again. Check it out. Ask the question. I had the operation in 2010 and am very thankful I made the decision to have the surgery. I had 10 days of a sore throat and now a lifetime of no problems.

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