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I Must Be An Alien

I have a CPAP machine but despite many attempts to find a good fit with a CPAP mask, I can't find one that fits my strange alien face. The Sleep Technician tried to modify the mask with two different sizes of nose pillows that simply won't fit and the full masks seem to be made for heavier people with larger faces, making me feel like I have some form of alien life form face. I just don't know what to do so my CPAP sits there on my nightstand collecting dust because I cannot use it. If anyone has ideas, please share them with me. Outside of the sleep study diagnosing the sleep apnea, having it does not interfere with my sleep. I am never tired during the day nor do I have any of the symptoms and side-effects from sleep apnea. I just can't get a mask or pillow mask to fit my cranium.
RAYT721 RAYT721 51-55, M Jan 22, 2012

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