I Have Sosa. I Can No Longer Tolerate My Cpap Machine.

I've been "snoring" and loudly since I was a young (slender, btw,) woman. I didn't think much of it but it bothered my mate and family. First thing I tried were those NASAL STRIPS..OMGGGGGGGGGGG they were SO STICKY that it nearly pulled my skin off to remove them!! They weren't very effective anyway. 

I've been without Health/Medical Coverage since 1984. I just had to deal with the increasing snoring. After Y2K, I was able to get some medical help. With that I approached the Doc to tell of this "other" little bother...the FATIGUE and sore throat after sleeping. They sent me to a Sleep Center; did the tests and discovered I had a SEVERE OBSTRUCTIVE Sleep Apnea. Egads, ducky eh? Not just a sleep apnea ...a SEVERE obstruction.. =o/ They got me hooked up with a CPAP machine and masks...It took several tries until they found a unit and mask that suited me--thereby insuring I'd USE the darn thing. I had to "Learn" to breath thru my nose and NOT PANIC. I did. 'Twas no mean feat either; I have teensy weensy nostrils...and allergies and stuffiness during pollen season. But I got the hang of it and used my machine RELIGIOUSLY--and still do.

I DID feel greatly improved/rested after beginning to use the C/BIPAP machine...On the rare occasion when I'd forget to get it on before passing out, I'd wake to GAWD AWEFUL HEADACHES...dullness in thought, blinding aversion to light...RUMMY all day..Unslept to the extreme.  No way I could drive when like that. For me, these side effects from non compliance with the CPAP device, was JUST LIKE having the world's worst hangover, without the nausea. AWFUL feeling!!! 

My present negative issues stem from the long term use of this device; approx 8.5yrs. Over this time I discovered the DRAWBACKS to using a CPAP/Nasal mask or any mask with TUBES and forced air. Oddly, my sleep is NOW INTERRUPTED by this nasty little machine/set up! The main problem I have with the entire industry serving Sleep Apnea patients is the INSURANCE and does MY insurance cover THAT new device or any other treatment. In my case the answer IS NO!! I have a CPAP machine along the order of what lots of folks have but my masks and hosing are THE CHEAPEST there are. The system won't even pay for my HOT POT/Humidifier. I have to buy replacements for that. My low income insurance offers the CHEAPEST (made elsewhere crappola?) most quickly to fall apart hoses and masks and no other goodies to HELP me battle the APNEA thereby encouraging compliance. Geeeeeez..

I canNOT handle this contraption another day..My facial skin is destroyed, my body hurts, my allergies are at an all time HIGH, replacement parts are difficult to get hold of-- I have severe arthritises and Fibro also, which means I NEED to turn over and be able to bend and stretch whilst in bed. I'm FORCED via CPAP/hoses et al to SLEEP on my back or a bit on one side ALL OF THE TIME. I wake as STIFF as a board and in significant pain from that. My humidifier needs to be VERY WARM ala my allergies and nose irritation so THAT causes condensation. I've nearly DROWNED in that damn mask when moving and having that water work it's way into my mask and UP INTO MY NOSE then down my airway! The hoses are in the way all of the time and extremely limits the ease of my sleep--Today now I'm waking up ANYWAY BECAUSE of the CPAP treatment and have FUTZ with the hoses, the hot pot, the mask, the air leaks, the eye irritations, runny nose, the sneezes if it gets pollen into the filter OMG!!!  I'm WORN OUT.

Then "PLACEMENT" of the bloody machine must ALWAYS be considered. If in a small space or ESPECIALLY the wiring in a house, I have to FIGHT for room for the thing and a proper PLUG/outlet. ►TAKING A NAP in the daytime or riding in a car or traveling is a monumental DRAG. I simply DON'T anymore.◄ :(( IS THAT supposed to be QUALITY OF LIFE??? Still, I need something to help me. I've looked up alternative treatments/gizmos. Most are either for MODERATE to light Apnea or EXPENSIVE $$$$$$ Dental proceedures/even surgeries. None of this is covered by my insurance. 

I know that my tongue is what falls back into my throat when asleep, which causes the APNEA. Why not a simple, portable device that pulls the tongue forward and HOLDS it out of the way (clamps it softly) via some softer efficient MOUTH guard and at a price that Poor People can afford--AND for use with SEVERE Obstructions..?????? It's JUST MY TONGUE. What's the big deal? 

Personally I THINK that the industry ONLY CARES about MAKING MONEY and NOT R/R....IF this condition is SO DEADLY, why allow so many people to go Untreated, Under treated, forced to suffer with these CLUMBSY ridiculous masks etc without access to BETTER treatments.....AND CHARGE SOOOOOOOO MUCH ??? 

The TREATMENT for SLEEP APNEA in my world..HAS FAILED. I want BETTER treatment...better solutions. 
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Thank You ladies....I appreciate the responses...My NP/doc finally gave me a referral to a local sleep center so I can have things checked and speak with them about my concerns.. Yay :) Huggies xxx

And I certainly hope that someone will listen to you. This story is sad, how hard daily life is for you, and all because of something that seems on the surface that it should be relatively easy to overcome. I guess not. It is scary. I know that ENT's are expensive. It is a specialty like anything else, but I'm with you, it should all be covered. It is "breathing" after all. <br />
I hope you find some relief, some answer, soon.