NO, Im not lazy,Yes,I got sleep..kinda! STOP Giving me vitamins.and remedies and different techniques, no i dont need a new mattress. I have SLEEP APNEA!!! I dont understand why people dont understand this!! Do i need to keep a packet with me for people to read!! Ive always wondered why i was always tired and woke up breathless,sore throat and just couldnt stay awake during the day,until i went to the hospital,and they told me that i have it. It sucks,im exhausted, im so bitchy and irritable,i use to think it was just that time of the month lol. Having no insurance sucks!!! Im just dealing with this on my own. It scares me,no one around me really understands how serious it is, im always the strong one in my family, so i dont show my feelings.
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I had Sleep Apnea but talked to my Ears, Nose and Throat" doctor (who had the same surgery himself) and he was able to convince my insurance company (in less than 5 munutes), that a 60 minute surgery taking out my tonsils, my uvla, and a bunch of that extra hanging crap in my throat and I was cured of sleep apnea. I was in and out of the hospital where the surgery took place in four hours. I cannot snore now because everything back there to allow snoring is removed. Four of my friends have asked for and have gotten the surgery and are now sleeping like a babies every night with no CPAP machine ever again. Check it out. Ask the question. I had the operation in 2010 and am very thankful I made the decision to have the surgery. I had 10 days of a sore throat and now a lifetime of no problems.

So glad the surgery helped for you! I have mine is so minor, im hoping once i keep losing weight, that it will go away. Once i get healthier. If not i will definitely look into the surgery. Thank you!

You are very welcome and Good Luck.

I completely understand what you're saying. Its very scary, and I love doing research so I freak myself out even more. if you dont have it, you will NEVER understand. you could sleep for 24 hrs straight, and still feel exhausted and fatigued. doesn't matter. some people are so ignorant.

I know how you feel! Before I was able to get my cpap (I had no health insurance) life was so hard. Hang in there! My in laws thought I was lazy and a bad mom. In many ways I felt like a bad mom because I would fall asleep while watching my baby. It was frightening. They kept asking me if I needed a nap and thought it was normal tiredness. It was so frustrating. No I do not need a nap; I need a good night's sleep!!! And then on top of everything the lack of sleep made me so grumpy and irrational too. Keep your head up, it will get better!!

Yes! I still don't have any insurance. I feel like a zombie sometimes. I know we aren't suppose to take sleeping pills, but I do once in awhile just to get a somewhat good nights rest. Even though I'm exhausted the next couple days. I can't imagine how you felt. Being a mother and having much more responsibilities than me. It's so hard to function sometimes. I'm glad you have your cpap now! Thank you, I'm hanging in there!

i know how you feel, im dealing with VA and they think we are all nuts. they just give you pills and send you to shrinks. when i got my results i ordered my machine online cuz i swear imma die waiting on Veterans Affairs. i just spent 354.00 on a used machine just because im desperate.

Oh man, the good ole VA! My dad and father deal with them also. My dad didn't have any issues with getting his machine, thank god. His is really bad. $354?! Man, I think I'm going to have to invest in one. I'm guess you had to make and appointment to get the settings right for you? My dad did a sleep test, did you? I'm glad you have one now!