I'll Explain My Story ,it Seems That I Have Had Somewhat Of A Similar Experience Altho The Circumstances Are Different.

a little after becoming 18 , (iam 61 now) i had a dream 3 days in a row, same dream for two days was that i was surrounded by what seemed like witches and they were chanting , i was laying down and they were surrounding me ,chanting something but i could not make out what it was, then i seemed to feel more intense with fear ,but i didn't know why and then i would hear a loud thud as if a very large anvil had fallen from a great heigth and had just hit the floor,then at that point i would wake up, this happened two days in a row ,but on the third day ,the same dream came again but at the end it changed and a mans name came to me that i had only met the night before in my thoughts and i felt a great urgency to check on his safety, which i didn't even know him , so i called his number about 6:30 or so in the morning after calling others to get the number and i found that when i did call this man who i had just met and now had wierdly dreamed his name ---he had just killed himself-he blew off his head with a shotgun- i have never been able to make sense of why this dream came to me ,as far as i can tell -God will know but man don't for sure know---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i also had one other scary dream years ago , i was in a basement and i was being attacked by rats and they were everywhere, very many of them and i was being attacked and then i woke up,crazy ,huh?-tigerspaw1
tigerspaw1 tigerspaw1
61-65, M
Jul 14, 2010