My Sleep Paralysis

My eyes get heavy as if I want to sleep; I have to fight the urge to stay awake. Then I get paralyzed and unable to move that’s when the sound hallucinations start.
My body freezes up, fear rushes over me and I hear the amplified buzzing, singing, voices, people, animals, heart beats sounds…
Usually I try to calm myself down as my heart beats faster, the sounds get louder, I keep my eyes closed so I can’t see hallucinations, my body starts to sweat as I try to move any part of my body that I can.
I shake my head from side to side hoping to get out of this paralyzed state.
Finally I jolt up and look around the room, the noises are gone and my heart slows down back to normal.
Then sleep paralysis repeats all over again.

-It scares me when a sleep paralysis episode comes on, a few nights ago while in an SP episode I tried to calm down and relax, I heard the sounds of my heart beat amplified and the sound of a crow cawing. It's scary how amplified the senses get when in sleep paralysis mode.
Once again relaxing and calming down makes things worse…
I don’t know what to do my SP episodes come on everyday a few times the same day.
naudiia naudiia
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012