I Was The Older Man (39)

Me and my second wife had been divorced about 3 months,and I had decided to finally start over and on this particular night I went to a local Bar/Grill just to have something to do.

I had been parked up at the bar drinking a beer for about 15 min and someone tapped me on my shoulder,it was a school friend of my ex's daughter. She happened to work here and saw me and stopped by to see how I was doing (my ex had an affair) it pretty well destroyed me.

Anyhow,Carol [18], I might add just graduated HS with my stepdaughter ask me how long I was planning on hanging around,I replied " maybe an hour unless the game was any good that was playing on the overhead TV". She said " she would check back with me later". So, I watched the game had a couple of beers and just let the evening progress.

Around 11pm, she came by and I told her I had had about enough fun and was heading out, she ask me to stay another 20 min or so and her shift was up and that she would like to talk seeing that she had not seen me in a while. Carol, played on the HS soccer team with my stepdaughter,she was always coming over when she was a kid. So, I said sure why not.

After her shift was over,we sat out in the parking lot and much've talked over an hour (about the divorce),I could tell she was upset and teared up some, she tried to boost my ego by saying stuff like,"your still young","you have someone waiting on you down the road" etc.

She told me her and her long-time boy friend had broke up as well, he's was a piece of work by the way. It was around mid-nite and I told her I needed to head out. Then, out of no where she reached up and gave me a hug and a peck on my cheek, and told me her folks had left for the weekend and ask me if it would be ok for her to come over to my place for a bit (she had this innocent smile) right about now. I said,(with reservation) sure.

I had a small place nearby,when we went inside I showed her the shower so she could clean-up,and after she had drained the hot water tank,LOL, she came and sat next to me on the sofa.

Carol, was around 5'5,medium build, D cup,with nice thick (athletic) thighs. Now,here's where it gets interesting, after some small talk, she ask me if she could kiss me,she told me " she had overheard my ex one day talking to a friend about my "oral"skills". I asked "what pre-tell did she say"?

Carol, said she heard her say I was a great kisser,and had a mechanical tongue, I kinda laughed. So, I reached over and kissed this 18 year old girl like there was no tommorrow. I could feel here body just kinda slump.

After this kiss she looked at me and said "WOW, I have never been kissed like that"! Now keep in mind I hadn't had sex in 3 months! She then began to rub my thigh, I put my hand on her hand,and said to her "Sweety, I'm 20 yrs your senior,I've known you since you were 6 yrs old",she looked at me with those dark brown eyes and said, "Mr Tim, I've had sex before, but never has a kiss got me wet like I am now"! And, with that she stood up took her shirt off,slipped out of her shorts, and stood there for what seemed hours. She said "I want to experience what love making is all about, and that kiss tells me you can show me. And, with that we went to the bed room, she laid down on the bed,I went down on her and and had her bucking,and breathing ever so hard for the next 20 min with my tongue.She wanted to give me a BJ but said she wasn't good at it,so I guided her as to what to do, I'm average in size (6.5"), and after a little bit she could deep-throat me. I stopped her and told her I was going to ***,and she said she wanted to try it in her mouth, I shot a big load and she gagged some,but was a champ.

We took a break and afterward she ask if we could "****" now. I explained there is a difference between "*******" and "love-making", She ask "what is different about it. So, we make our way back to the bedroom, I commence to showing her that love-making is more sincere and gentle as I Caresse her body and she wrapped her thighs around me and began to pump back, I then, told her to get on all fours and I would "****" her now. I mounted her and grabbed here hair( she had long black hair down to the middle of her back) and began to pound as hard as I could. She, had incredible control of her ***** as I could feel here contractions with each pump and it didn't take long and I was about to shoot-off she told told me to *** into her.

She stayed with me thru the weekend and it was divine to say the least,

P.S. I picked up my 10 yr son a couple of weeks later for "my weekend" and my step-daughter meet me at the door and said "we need to talk". She told me she "heard" I saw Carol a while back, I said" yes, I did, I had went to the Bar/grill and she works there">she told me someone had seen us leave together and wanted to know where we went, I told her it was none of her business, she got real mad and said 'Did you have sex with her". I guess my facial expression gave it away. She, said,EWWWWW! I kinda of laughed it off.

True Story!

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Did your daughter ever get over it?

Do you think Carol had a reputation for your daughter to
jump to the conclusion that you had sex with her?