With Men, And Women, And Still Do...

My second or tcomes to men, I've rarely slept with ones that were not old enough to be my Father, I guess I just seem to favor older partners.
And, currently, I am engaged to, a gorgeous man, who I love so totally, who is 25 years my senior, and so could quite easily be old enough to be my Father (yes, and I think we have been mistaken for Father and son once or twice before... )
But. I really couldn't care what people think, of the age differnce, etc., because I am so totally in love with him..
The biggest age gap though, would have been back when I was in my early twentys, sleeping with someone in their very late 50's, giving a nearly 30 year age gap.
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012