Just A Normal Trip To The Beach

My friends and I went to the beach. While there we ran into a group of boys. After some talking and flirting we paired up and hung out. They were from Orange County visiting the boy I hooked up with's Mom and her boyfriend who had a condo looking out on the water.

After playing in the water and exploring the tide pools they invited us up to the condo to smoke some pot and have a few beers. We were suprised that his Mom's boyfriend was at the Condo and even more so when we were made welcome. The boyfriend we'll call John even had some coke to put in the bowl for cocoa puffs.

When John sent the boys out to get more beer he invited me in the bathroom to do a line. Now its not something I do all the time but it is a sometime treat. I happily followed him into the bathroom and made small talk while he cut the lines. We did our lines and he cut up some more and I did another one. Feeling guilty I asked if my friends could do some too.

John paused for a second and smiling he said "for a kiss". When I hesitated he said I was his type and he liked my tan legs and thicker thighs. I didn't know what to do, he was blocking the door at least in his late 40's and I was flirting all day with his girlfriend's son. Plus I had no idea where his girlfriend was.

He cut us up another line and when I bent over to do mine he put his hand on my back rubbing it and when i stood up he asked me again for a kiss this time his hand running down to my ***. Feeling a good buzz I figured I'd take one for the team and get my friends some coke too.

So I said ok. He stepped into me and wrapped his hands around my waist so I put my arms around his neck and stood on my tippy toes to give him a peck. When I started to pull away he turned and pushed me into the wall, grabbing my *** with both hands he stuck his tongue in my mouth and kissed me gropping my *** for a good couple of minutes.

It was a good kiss, I forgot about where I was as my body reacted to him. Enjoying his hardening **** grinding against me. There was a knock on the door and as he pulled away I realized he had my shorts unbuttoned and both hands inside my panties massaging my butt. I quickly pulled myself together as he opened the door. It was one of my friends checking up on me.

John invited her in and racked up lines for everyone and let me have first dibs before walking out. Back out into the condo the boy I was talking to Tom was just getting back with more beer and brought me one. He took me outside to show me the view and standing behind me was slowly working his way from touching my arm to holding my waist. When John came out to join us Tom was holding me from behind. He didn't look amused and I liked standing between two men who wanted me... well man and boy.

John caught me coming out of the bathroom (pee trip) and pushed me back in asking if I wanted more. By this time I was pretty drunk and thought I could use some more sobering up. This time as John cut up the lines he told me how good of a kisser I am and how attracted to me he was again. That it'd be a waste of my time to let the kid play with me. When I bent over to do my line he stood behind me grinding on me running his hands up my shirt along my sides. Telling me he'd give anything to have me in that position naked. I stood up but John kept the closeness and when I turned we were face to face and he leaned in to kiss me again.

Pushed up against the wall like before he undid my shorts and slid his hand down my panties rubbing my *****. Sliding a finger inside me he had me ******* in seconds. He kept kissing me as i fought to pull my shorts back up. Once I did he picked me up and put me on the counter, standing between my legs he ground his hard on into my crotch. One arm holding me against him as he ground he used the other to undo my bra and grope my breasts. I had a small ****** from the rubbing as his mouth covered my nipple. Somehow he managed to pull my shorts and panties to the side and got his tip inside my entrance when we heard someone at the door outside.

I quickly pushed him off me, not letting him know I wanted it as much as him. Fixed myself up and headed out the door.I was so hot and ready that I got frustrated with Tom's slow advances. When we found a dark secluded spot on the balcony I pushed his hands between my thighs and started kissing him. I kept my eyes open just enough to catch John sitting in a spot so he could watch us. It was more of a show for John than my attraction to Tom but i was high drunk and horny and loving it.

The phone rang and John announced that he was going to let the boys take his car to pick up Tom's Mom. My heart fluttered knowing he was working up to get me alone again and this would probably be his last chance.

2 of my friends went with while one of the hooked up couples took over the couch for some serious make out time. John came out to the balcony and grabbed my hand walking me to the bathroom. Once inside he cut us up some lines. When I bent over he pulled down my shorts and panties. He then spread my cheeks and rubbing his face into my ***** licking and eating me. It was not a quiet ****** and at this point I didn't care who found out what we were doing. It was hot knowing his girlfriend and sort of stepson would be back soon. I loved how he talked to me like I was some rare treasure of a **** if he only could.

Still playing shy I pulled away when he tried to sit me down in his lap. Defeated he said ok and stood up and said at least let me kiss you some more.

He didn't wait for an answer nor did he let me pull my shorts back up before I was against the wall with his tongue in my throat. The way he kissed and nibbled on my neck and ears gave me shivers. I was disappointed when he seemed to stay good to his word and only kiss me. We made out for a good 10 minutes or so. I was putty in his hands I didn't want it to end. He took my hand and had me rub his **** outside his pants and when I started to mess with his buttons he pulled it out for me. I stroked him as he kissed me and touched me and then slowed my pace to tease him. When I had him moaning and thrusting into my hand I smiled and pulled away not letting him kiss me. He let that go on for about 2 seconds before he said "you're in trouble now" and he picked me up by my legs and entered me before I could protest. (Not that I would have) He ****** me good hard and deep against the bathroom wall, the towel bar ground into my shoulder as he pounded me.

He told me he wanted to *** in me and I said "no". Nodding he ****** me before telling me he wanted to *** in me again. When he offered to give me money for the morning after pill I felt his first hot strand of *** in me. Finishing he held me until I tried to wiggle out of his grasp. He asked me to show him my *** filled ***** and bent me over and spread me to see. I got dressed and stuck my hand out for the money. When he pulled out his wallet to fish me out a twenty I took a hundred dollar bill. He started to stop me and said I could keep it I was worth it.

We ended up staying the night and I ****** his girlfriend's son once with a condom, he couldn't get it up again due to the coke. And if I wasn't already so turned on by John I wouldn't have enjoyed his "leg humper" ******* as he laid on top of me.

I'm always up with the sun and I let John have me again bent over the balcony railing while everyone else slept in.

He liked the fact I made "the kid" wear a condom. He came in me again and then told me where there was a planned parenthood for the morning after pill.

I always think of him when I see the condos over the water and wonder if he still lives there. Wish I got his number to go back when I didn't have my friends with me.
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WOW!!! What a night!

god you are hot real and hotI would love you to feel n
my thick **** slide in you after a few pushes but then it would be heaven to have you
you are such a hot *****.

(huge smile) Well thank you!!! Awesome comment :)

Your stories are really well written And hot, which is a rare combination. And they sound like they're true too, which is even hotter...

Mmm you can come party with me anytime and I will fill you up

That's a hot ******* story....you had me hard and stroking it when John pinned you against the wall the first time! You need to add me as your friend so I can just click on your profile and re-read as needed! Add me!

Being an older guy myself you had me hot picturing me taking you.Your a fine writer with lots of description to paint it like a picture.I really enjoyed this story,THANKS
Since I already want you,can I please see your photos.

That is. Super. *******. Hot.

Hot story! I am with John I like a *** filled *****.