Adult Leadership Training

I volunteered to direct a day camp for a major youth organization.  After I volunteered I got a letter advising that I had to attend a three day training program that included staying overnight two nights.  I got there just a little late and had to find my place after almost everyone was already seated.  I sat next to a very good looking mom.  The day consisted of us doing little training exercises together, pretending we were kids and was actually quite fun.  At the end of the day we agreed to go freshen up and meet at the hotel's bar.  After a few drinks we began to dance and it quickly became obvious through my pants that I was into her.  We kissed a bit and then decided to go swimming in the hotel's indoor pool - we went back to our rooms and changed into swim ware and met at the pool.  She was even hotter out of her uniform and into a swimsuit..  The pool lead to the hot tub and the hot tub lead to some petting, the kissing continued.  Soon we were up in my room and I was having my way with her.  Interestingly enough several of the other Leaders had paired up too and the entire weekend began to rival a swingers convention.

After training I met her about a half dozen more times at the local no-tell motel. 

MarkFree MarkFree
51-55, M
Feb 9, 2010