I Have Slept With An Ex & I'd Do It Again

There are times when you realize that people you date are great lovers and great friends, but nothing more and that's when they become exes you sleep with.

I see no reason if you're still on friendly terms with an ex and it's amenable to both parties why it can't be a friends with benefits relationship.
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2006

I think the hardest part is separating the physical from the emotions. I know it seems safe... But now, I wonder. Does it hinder you from moving on? Does it make you emotionally unavailable?
I was married for ten years to the woman that became the love of my life. I convinced her that we could go on having sex until one of us found another partner. At that point, the 'condom free' feature would be null n void. Allegedly.
Sex with us was never a problem.
But I am learning...I thought I could handle it. Hell, I thought SHE could.
But here I am, shortchanging myself! She'll never decide she was wrong for wanting the divorce and want me back. And I won't ever wish that wasn't so.
Who am I kidding? I nonchalantly sold her on the fwb angle. I now think that it's just my way of hanging in, and pretend I'm happy with at least a piece of her. And another part of me is happy thinking that she still has to deal with her thoughts of me!
So what are the "benefits" again?

amen to that!