Im Sometimes Not Proud of It!!

I have had sex with a couple of my exs as it is so much easier than going out and finding another guy who i like then have to get to know!! all that bull!

I know i sound like a user but my exs do it tome as well if they split up with their girlfriend or lonely!

There is one guy i should never of slept with tho and that was the guy who broke my heart as i was drawn in again to him but i just ended the whole **** buddy thing with him before i got let down n depressed again!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 26, 2007

its hard to let go after you feel connection to someone ...I know that all to well .. but then with me anyways it comes down to is this what i really want for myself and my body ?? and the answer is no i want someone to respect me and honestly care about me not just come to me so they can get off