Small And Saggy.

I have never been comfortable with my body. My breasts especially since they are small, and ever since I can remember they have been saggy. It has nothing to do with my age. They have always been this way. In a way I am lucky they are not big, because then it will show that they are saggy even more. What I really want to do, is get surgery done to lift them and make them bigger and less droopy. I hate not wearing a bra! One reason is, that even though they are small, they do hurt when not supported. Another reason is, that it really shows that they are saggy. At least with a bra, they have "some" lift, not a lot, but it is better than nothing.

As I have stated in my stories, I am a married woman.  A married woman who has been collared by a man other than her husband.  A stranger, who both my husband and I refer to as Sir, has collared me.  He is training me to become a female pet.  My husband is my Master, and Sir is Master's Supervisor Master.  Until Sir feels I am ready to be handed over to be collared by my Master, I am owned by this stranger, this man we refer to as Sir.
On the first assigned date with Master, I didn't wear a bra. Master wanted it that way. He likes my saggy breasts. He loves that they are small and they fit perfectly in his hand. I don't like leaving the house though without a bra on. Like I said, the show more. Sir though, noticed too. He likes it when I don't wear one. To make matters worse, he keeps referring to them as my "small and saggy breasts". I am uncomfortable as it is with them being this way. I wish he would stop calling them that. He is constantly reminding me what I have tried to forget. My small and saggy breasts. Does anyone have any ideas besides surgery?

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induce lactation and they will swell