Small Girls Too, 34 B....

well I won, my are small but I am 54 and still the girls are looking north, I wear sexy hot bras and they push them up and in and so I have a little cleavage and nipples look nice - am told yes they are small but I still have a hot body (work at it) so I go with the sexy lingerie and panties, nice perfume etc...and make the most of what I have.

jazzycat jazzycat
46-50, F
7 Responses Jul 15, 2008

Love the sound of that body.

Your breasts sound perfect to me - actually the whole package sounds delicious. Take a couple photos of those beauties so we can lust after you... ;)

i prefer small boobs than anything on a girl or woman ! Better to hold on to, to suck and to make her feel just right ! Please add me as a friend --- thank you very much !!!

small boobs delightful looking always, firm and high, what more to excite a man,

small breast always get my attention no matter the age

It's not difficult to make the best of a good thing! ;-) or two!