Marriage Sucks Bcuz Im Small Chested

 I have small breasts. I used to feel insecure about them in high school, but I got over it. When I was breastfeeding they were a large C cup. I hated it! I realized I would never want a boob job. The problem? I am now married to a man who LOVES big boobs. He is making me feel totally insecure and undesirable. He even said he would pay for me to get a boob job if its what I wanted. I just want him to get turned on by my naked body... ALL of it. The real kicker is the guy I dated before him was totally into my breasts. He couldn't get enough of them. He loved to look at them, touch them, play with them...etc. He said his favorite thing about me were my breasts. My husband takes no interest in them whatsoever. I can wear a lowcut shirt, go braless, be naked, whatever and he never looks at them. I don't know how to handle this. I used to be very confident, outgoing, sexual person. Now I don't care about sex. I feel less than good enough, ugly, unattractive, and insecure. I don't like feeling this way. I know some guys like small boobs (been there), and some like big boobs... but if I had known that his major turn on was big boobs I never would have married him. I am tired of feeling inadequate when we go out and he is staring at every large chest that walks by. He says I'm crazy, but it's hard to go from  an "I adore your small breasts!" guy to an " I wish you had large breasts" guy. It hurts.
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I'm sorry he feels that way and the way he makes you feel. Big boobs, natural or fake are way overrated. I absolutely adore small breasts and there are many of us out there. Would love my wife to remove her implants she got before we were married. I so look at other women who are very small chested and just....*dream*

There is nothing wrong with you,or you lovely boobs! small ones are great, he has the problem. Sure wish there was a great way for you to hear everyone who enjoys small breasted women.

My husband says he loves me, but I feel like I'm not good enough, not what he really wants. I mean, when I wear a pushup bra he looks at my cleavage with interest. Then, when I take my bra off he looks at the floor and turns his back. Not the response I am looking for. Makes me feel inadequate. But, how can I be upset with him when he can't help his preference for large breasts? It's what he likes... it's what I don't have. I don't know what to feel or what to do in this situation. I just continually feel bad and unsexy and undesirable.