I thought I needed implants

When I was a freshman in highschool, I overheard a group of girls talking about getting breast implants as a graduation present. At first I thought that was crazy, but as I looked at the girls around me and girls on tv, I began to feel insecure. I noticed that girls with big boobs seemed to get lots of attention from guys. I have small size b boobs, but I desperately wanted implants as a graduation present.Whenever I saw tv shows about girls getting implants, I was jealous b/c they looked so happy. My parents thought I was crazy and told me I didn't need bigger boobs and I was beautiful no matter my size. Plus me dad saved lots of money lol. Now that I think about it, bigger boobs would look so odd on me b/c I'm very petite.Now I realize I wanted to look like girls I could never be, and didn't need to be. Being different from the "norm" isn't bad; it's unique.
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And you think your small, try living as a 32-A. I always said " any more than a mouthful is a waste". In high schools sports, I didn't get sore boobs from bouncing around. Some girls were considered beautiful. But I was always "cute". I only wanted one boyfriend, and had no problem with that. We were like one until right after graduation. We and another couple were together, coming home from the drive in, when a drunk driver got us head on. He was barely hurt, in our car, I was the only survivor. After two years, I could finally walk again. Guys didn't even interest me for a long time. I finally decided to get on with life. it didn't take long and I had a nice fellow. There was one problem, after about 3 years, he grew tired of a girl that had limits on walking distance. Plus because of my injuries, I am in diapers. He wanted to be with a "grown up". He didn't like changing diapers. That left me in a depressed rut for a couple years again.<br />
I finally met Daddy Dave, he cares for me like the baby we'll never have. I've never seen a guy like him. First thing he does when he comes home from work, is change me into very thick diapers for the evening. He's quite strict though, he's introduced me to "diaper bondage". I love it, can't get enough. As far as small boobies go, he says they fit his tongue. I mentioned getting them "pumped up" and he got a little upset. They wouldn't fit my small size. I wouldn't look like his baby.<br />
We've been together for 5 years, life has been as good as it gets. He has proven time and again that he really loves me. We've decided that as soon As I heal up from the surgery I had 3 days ago, we're getting married. I said shucks, ya'all just want my farm.<br />
I had a piece of windshield trim go through my heart. It has given me trouble since. After many repairs, I was left with a weak heart. So 3 days ago, I got a great big pacemaker. Surgery was supposed to take only a little over an hour. 4 1/2 hours later, I was wheeled out and he was crying. So they had a few problems, I said I bet there was a Dr. handy.<br />
So, now that you know my life, I'll tell you, I have no problem with my BABY BOOBS. I just turned 40. The big ones are starting to sag,,,,mine is still pert little girls.<br />
Only now, with the big pacemaker,,,, i have THREE little boobies!