The Barney Stinson Problem

If you've seen the television show How I Met Your Mother, you'll know that they talk about boobs...A lot. However, the only time they mention small boobs, it's in an unfavorable way. "I think I'm going to go
small boobs tonight," Barney announces. Lily recoils. "You're disgusting." "Lily, they're people too."

I know that it's just a show, it's just a "joke", but this attitude that small breasts aren't desirable is seriously harmful to a lot of women-- and certainly doesn't put a good message out to men either. How are the small-breasted women of the world (especially those with less than A cups and literally flat-chested women) supposed to feel good about themselves when the only message we get from the media is that we are disgusting?

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THIS is the barney stinson problem? not how he generally degrades women as a species or how he inspires millions of young men to behave as viciously immature self-serving children on principle? I'm sorry but I have to say the barney stinson problem is damaging a great deal more than the self esteem of the smaller chested.

I don't believe that they are disgusting at all.

you are so right. Small breasts are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be afraid, it's about you. That is: your brains lol xxxW

Umm, so you're saying I have small brains?

Nooo Nerds have huge brains!

Barney has small brains :)

Ya I hear stuff like that on tv all the time, it's quite disturbing they would say stuff like that...That's actually why I'm on here...I was watching a movie on the USA channel and they said something that slightly implied that small breasts are like deformities...and it's so weird because a lot of people believe that otherwise, why would they get implants? It's really sad that people are so demeaning about breasts and their size. I am very insecure about my breasts because they are small but the truth I have had several guys tell me my bust was nice and I've noticed guys check small breasted girls too so all in all it's more of a mind trick that a real issue...Hope this helps...I've struggled with this Forever!

This episode you're describing actually aired the other night. Usually Seinfeld follows the local news. But they swicthed this week, I guess (maybe the week before?). I had the TV on while cleaning the dishes after dinner. The impending heat wave made me want to see the weather forecast. So it's playing in the background, and there it is just as reported above. Something about a small penis, and the guy that Doogie plays saying "boobs!, boobs!" Seeing it didn't make it any funnier. Again, at the risk of offending fans of the show, I'm no fan of the show.

I have to say after rereading this I have never heard any "jokes" about small body parts. I myself am self conscious of my breast size. I guess I dont pay attention to Barney, I pay more attention to the relationships in the show.

There have been a few jokes about it on that show. And I care about the relationships on that show and pay attention to them to, but when you are as sensitive as me and hate your body as much as I do, I can't help but notice.

Why do you hate yourself that much?

Because not only do I have small boobs, but I think my face is ugly too. I'd be okay with my small boobs if I thought I was pretty.

at the risk of offending fans of the show, the pervasive nature of "humor" like that is one reason I don't watch TV anymore.

I have never noticed that kind of humor in any tv show, i guess i care more about the characters then the "sex jokes"

more than just sex jokes specifically, I mean lack of overall imagination and creativity. and movies suffer just as much as TV does too

yes actually the joke can have a negative impact on people. but then if anyone is really affected by what stupidity media shows .. then he is pretty dumb :)

I adore small boobs. Lots of us small boob fans out there!

I totally understand where you are coming from! Its also the opposite on shows liek Americas got talent, when women with big breasts, which are totally 100% fake, walk on stage they get a standing ovation. What the **** is that suppose to tell us cause what i got from it was "doesn't matter if they are fake or not people will find you totally attractive and you will never get turned away" Then they did this horrible dance, howard stern didnt find them attractive anymore, Sharon Osborn didn't like them to begin with but Howie mendel still loved them AND HE HAS TWO DAUGHTERS! <br />
<br />
Then there are shows like the client list with Jennifer love huge **** and all they show is her half naked all the time. Big boobs, nice skinny tight little body. I know she has to work really hard to keep it fit however no matter what she does she will always have big boobs which is a lot harder to get then a fit body.<br />
<br />
I cant get over it either, even though my boobs have grown I still feel like im not sexy enough and my life pretty much revolves around my breast size.

That show wasn't ever funny to begin with in my opinion, and the media has done nothing but harm to most women. I remember one of the first times I felt extremely disgusted with myself, I do everyday but that time more than usual, someone I worked with said that they would feel like a ********* dating me. How sick is that?