Oh, F*** It. Being Flat Chested Has Its Perks.

*Fistpump* Yeah, I'm finall mature enough to be in the group! Er, forget I ever did that.

Anyways, I have a small rack and that's all there is to it. It doesn't seem like it if I say it, I have a B cup after all but I'm also just big-boned so my ribs are just all to big and I need a bigger bra for it, thus, I'm really quite small. You'd need to see me to believe me.

I'll admit that I'm okay with it, but really, it'd be nice to have any curves at all. If I was born a girl, I might as well look more like one. It doesn't help that I have a face that honestly would look pretty damned great on a guy, and not so good on a girl.

At first I was more depressed about it, now I don't give a carp. Next Halloween, I'm so dressing up as a hot biker dude. No buts. The ladies will just love me but I'll be going after the gay guys. >_>

And I can laugh at big racked women, since I can sleep on my stomach and I never need to, nor, wear a bra! MWWAHAHAHHAA!!!

That was only part-way joking for your information.

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5 Responses Jul 5, 2012

A real man will want you for who you are not the size of your chest.

Smaller chests are definitely better in the athletic sense. Sheet, I only have B-cups and horse riding is still uncomfortable if not strapped in properly. Don't even wanna know what would happen if they were bigger lol

for me as a man the only creteria a have about breast is the woman must be aroused if her man enjoys them

Loving your attitude!

Enjoy that wonderful body often and continue to find the many pleasures it can bring.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing and I'm sure there are plenty of others who would love for you to share your perfect boobs with them!