Small Breasts Dating Site???

So I just joined this site to help my situation like plenty of other girls out there with small breasts... I've always been extremely self conscious about my 32A size boobs especially when it came to sex. During my past relationships I hated taking of my shirt or bra and I never aloud my ex's to touch them or even look at them. We would fight over the fact that they were my boyfriend and I would't let myself be touched in that way. I honestly feel like I might not ever get married and as soon as I begin to meet a nice guy I tend to end the relationship before it gets too far, I actually just did that with a recent guy and I feel like an idiot for doing that since his such a nice guy who we have so much in common but I knew I would disappoint him. I've been told that small boobs are gross and very unattractive...believe me this almost made me break down and cry.
If I had the funding for breast implants I would do it in a heart beat but I can't change my body over night. ........ So what I'm wondering since everything has failed if there's some type of dating site for women who only have small breasts. I think that would be a good option for me since the men there would already know women who join have small breasts and accept it.
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Small **** are so sexy they are more sensitive my ex had very small **** at first she was embarrassed to let me see them because in the past she had been called Holland. I've had girlfriend's with big **** they are no where near as sexy as tiny **** and even though my ex is nearly fifty they haven't dropped one bit you and all women who have small ones should be proud and does anyone know of a good site for dating women with small **** in the uk

As you see, there are plenty of us men out there who are looking for small breasted women, myself included.
Reading your post and most of the replies, there is an obvious need to link women with smaller breast with the men who desire them.

Hello Daisy - You should not feel embarrassed because you have small breasts. Many women do - and there are men (like myself) who are attracted to women with small breasts. John

I like em small

Let me assure you, there are many men out there who, like me, find small breasts very attractive. I would go a long way to find a partner with small breasts. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Those people who put you down are idiots and jerks. I have always loved small-breasted women. Small breasts on thin or even curvy girls are very sexy.

I'm a man and I love small breasts

Daisy, I was hoping to find a site like that myself. I started to think that way about the size of women's beast's when I started in high school. As I got older, I became even more interested in women who have small breast. Now it is something that I look for when I'm looking for a relationship.

Accept it? Are you out of your mind?!?! I mean a B cup with a winning personality, but AA or A is far sexier, attractive, desirable.

If you find the site, send us the link.

or better maybe you should start one.
Guy who did Plenty of Fish went from nothing to the largest site shooting past Match and everyone else.

I'll sign up.

I'd love to find a n Internet dating site for small-breasted women. I find large breasts almost nauseating. Women have deceived themselves into thinking that large breasts are more sexually appealing. They're not, especially as a woman ages.

I was hoping to find a dating site like that, but sadly it doesn't seem to exist

I know how you feel. I've always gotten cheated on with girls that had larger breasts , which made me feel like shxt, knowing that i couldnt please my ex bf.I've only took off my bra twice during intercorse and felt very ugly and I actually had to stop because it wasnt comfortable. If there was a dating site for women who have small breasts, that would be amazing. I've been single for almost a year now because of my small breasts. I'm not confident enough. I've tried dating sites before but once they've seen I had small breasts they would stop talking to me. I would feel a lot more confident about myself if there was ever a site for small bresats women.

find the right guy and it will never be a problem :-)

32a favorite breast size right here waaaaay better than big nasty floppy saggy DDs. sweetheart dont beat your self up over it and dont buy fake ones thats even worse than having real big ****. when you go to have sex dont be shy let them sexy little things out if the guy your with doesnt like them tell him to **** off!! one night with me and id make you proud of your little bitty *******

My preference has always been small breasts. Nothing gets me hotter! I believe I just read something that said that guys more often than not prefer a woman to be a normal size - implants or not. I think you may have to speak to someone (boyfriend or other) for self confidence. Judging by your profile picture - you are beautiful and have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about - just know that there are guys out there that DO love small breasts. If you're okay with yourself - they will be too.

Hmmm... sounds like you need to show those breasts off and let them be played with! I've only had three women who could ****** purely from breast play and they ALL were A-cups or smaller! Small breasts are SO hot. As others have posted, it's not the size that matters so much as how much you allow yourself to enjoy them and to turn your mate on. Make the most of them girl. Millions of chesty women envy you for your smaller breasts, lack of sag, lack of back pain, and flexibility in what you can wear.

Why use a dating site? I'm sure you could find plenty of guys here.
There are plenty of us that love small breasts, so don't get down on yourself. You are an attractive woman.

Omg daisy this is no issue for any intelligent man. I do understand where you are coming from. There was something I hated about myself so much than no one, no matter what they said, could make me feel better about it. A million comments here lauding the beauty of petite breasts would do nothing to kill that voice in your head. But you know what can? If you truly love and trust someone and are intimate with them and they tell you how beautiful you are over and over again, in and out of cloths, you can get over this. Well, at least hat is how I eventually got over my issue. But you have to love and trust them completely and know they would never lie to you no matter what. Small **** are awesome by the way.

Oh yes I love small **** the smaller the better, just look me up!

I used to be like you also and wouldn't let my ex's touch or see my breasts, but now i found a very nice guy and he helped me feel comfortable in my body and i am slowly learning to love my breasts..he loves me for who i am :) i hope your able to love your body soon..i know its hard trust me my breasts are barely 32A but i have found out a lot of guys actually like small breasts and that has helped me :)

I think you're right, and have the right attitude about it. Let a guy love you for who you are.

This is what I am talking about daisy.