"i Have Bigger **** Than You" From A Super Fit Guy...

I'm so tired and done of guys thinking I'm cute! Just because I don't have big basket balls on my breast doesn't mean I can't be sexy! I'm not fat and I have a nice ***, Why do I have to look like a cheap **** star to be hot? I won't get breast implants ever, but it feels so bad to be called "I have bigger **** than you" (which he really doesn't) for the guy you like who's supposed to like you back. Can people srsly change and know that having small **** is not a ******* deformity or something
pansy22 pansy22
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Ignore the morons - easier said than done at times. And you certainly can be cute and very sexy, and not have monster melons, and one might guess that you are! You are wise to walk your own path and not get sucked into conforming to some unrealistic myth of a perfect woman.