No Bra, Size A And I Feel Sexy And Fun!

Ok, so I am on day 2 of going braless. One of the perks I noticed is that I feel sexier. When I look in the mirror I do not feel like I am fake. I did not even realize I felt this way until yesterday when I was in a fitting room trying on some sweaters. I pulled the sweater on over my head and what I saw was just me, the swell of my breasts and my nipples and nothing else. I liked what I saw. I didn't have to worry if my bra had lace or bumps in it that might show through the sweater. I did not have to worry about how the sweater neck was cut and whether the emptiness near the top of my bra would show with my movement. I didn't have to visualize what kind of bra I would wear with this sweater to have it look the best. What I saw in the mirror was how it was going to look like every time I wore that sweater. I never even realized I thought about my bras so much when picking out clothing. Another fabulous perk was not having to retrieve a wandering bra strap all the time. It don't know if it is the most recent bra designs or what, but those straps just don't stay where they are supposed to and it is so annoying. I could drive my car or walk around without having to reach in to adjust my shoulder strap all the time, it was great! Not to mention the secret pleasure of knowing I was bare. When I looked in the mirror between the clothes I was trying on I saw my bare breasts in full display, it felt naughty and fun at the same time!

Our home is a multi level and while downstairs I forgot something I needed from upstairs and I half sprinted up the stairs to get it -- whoa, that felt different! I could feel my breasts jiggle and bounce with the movement of climbing the stairs, which never happened when I wore a bra, and that felt awesome! Every so often during the day I would put an extra little gait in my step just for the little joy of feeling them move.

I felt liberated. Every morning when I got dressed and put on a bra, it was a reminder of how small my breasts were. It was a reminder of how the more affordable stores don't carry my size unless I go to the pre-teen section, which I am too embarrassed to do. So I buy these ridiculously expensive bras that never fit quite right and which always make me feel like I am not big enough to fit in this society. No longer will I have to walk into an overpriced lingerie store and feel the pitying stares from the sales people as they herd me to their current push up bras which have cups already pre-filled with liquid or so much padding the bra doesn't even require the presence of an actual breast. I then always had to tell the salesperson that contrary to her belief I did not want a pre-filled bra and would prefer a more normal bra. But no more. The last two days I felt free-er both due to my now freed breasts, but also because I was no longer going to have to subject myself to those uncomfortable and unpleasant shopping experiences. I could bounce and jiggle right past those stores and have extra money, too!

The challenging thing for me is I am a bit afraid of getting attention. All this time I wished I had big ta-tas that would make men stare and now I am self conscious of men possibly noticing my nipples. It feels stupid and ironic. And although the idea of men staring is daunting the women would likely be worse. All my life the only people who negatively commented or laughed at my chest were women. I am sure the guys noticed I had small breasts but they were nice enough never to comment or laugh at me. The women were not so kind. So even though I would likely be able to handle a non confrontational stare from a man, I am not sure I could handle a woman talking down to me because of my lack of a bra. Am I ridiculous in thinking anyone would actually say something? (a negative, no bra comment, I mean.) Has this ever happened to you?

In any event, I think I will rather focus on how sexy I am currently feeling and think about how my breasts can finally draw some positive attention, too. I mean after all, if men can stare at huge ta-tas because they like them big and they enjoy looking at them and some might look my way because they notice my smaller swells and nipples and wonder or notice I am bare underneath my clothes, well, whose to say they won't enjoy thinking about my breasts, too.

Have a beautiful day everyone!
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6 Responses Dec 7, 2012

That's great! You're comfortable with yourself, you're who you want to be, and you don't let people pressure you into conforming to their expectations. You're definitely not hurting anyone by being yourself, so more power to ya!

Wonderful story! I wish more women were as confident as you are!

That's a great story. Thanks for sharing. I really like to hear about things like that.

Good on you. My wife has very small breasts and had a real complex about their size for years.

I have never fancied big breasts so for me her breasts were fantastic -- I encouraged her to go bra-less and to walk with straight posture. At first, she was embarrassed because now her nipples were clearly visible but when she realised how many men were watching her -- staring at her -- she started to gain confidence.

Now she is proud of her breasts.

I like your attitude. Sexy isn't just how a person looks on the outside, but how they feel on the inside.

Keep enjoying that wonderful sexy body of yours!

Sounds like you have a great perspective on your body and sexuality. It's all good!