I think they r small but at least I don't get backaches lol
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Girls with small breast are the most attractive.

True. And when you lay down they stay in place and still look good instead of drooping under your arms :/

Small boobs are no worse than big ones. Quality over quantity any day lol

Some of the best things in life come in small packages

Emgirl, I'm one who happens to much prefer Perkies over BigOlSaggyBaggies. And you'll especially like yours more as the years go by and gravity takes its toll. Yours will still be wonderful!! I added you on yahoo, hope to see you there sometime. Thanks.

When you hit 30 you'll still be pert and causing men to double-glance as you walk by.

They will always stay nice and perky!

I agree there is nothing wrong with smaller breasts. No sagging is the best. Besides it is no boobs the make the girl. If a guy tells you that he is a boob.

Absolutely nothing wrong with small breasts. I actually prefer smaller than larger boobs


'MURICA **** YA!

I bet there just rite and real nice too

Small is better anyways

They don't look small to me, they look good

I'd much rather have my hands on small breasts than large silicone ones.

Hi, I love small breasts. Maybe u like to add me? kiss u