I Luv Ma Baby Boobs !

I love my boobs ! Though they aren't so big as others, But they are natural and fit my figure the best, I wouldn't like it if my bf tell me to undergo surgery ! I dont think it's right and if my boobs could talk, They would say "I dont want a surgery!" I'm sure ! I luv the way they are and satisfy myself =) I LuV Ma BabY BoobS !

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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My boobs can usually get bigger before the period so I can also have big boob days as well =)

from your picture you look like fine! small breast can be very sensual and erotic and very fun to play with and suck on!!!

Cheers for you, Dolly, you are so smart and wise and...and...and....<br />
And I totally agree. Tiny, tender breasts are just wonderful.

I could imagine that ...


i love u darling


closer to the bone the sweeter the meat.u r beautiful


Bravo !<br />
<br />
I love that !!!<br />
<br />
Big Thumb UP :D

If any man(boy) tells you to get your breasts enlarged get the biggest dido (or a photo of one )you can find and tell him to get his penis enlarged to match it's size and tell him you are tired of dealing with small minded little ******

Aww, thats sweet ;) <br />
I love your naked body as much as I love you too !

Yeah I feel so thankful to have them ;)

Hi honey, small boobs are sooo much better. We never have to wear a bra. They are free all the time and everyone loves seeing natural small boobs under a tight top.<br />
Love you small boobs. <br />

I prefer baby boobs and yours are perfect

ur baby boobs are hott

Thks ;)

What a smoking hot body, love your breast size!

nope .. I dont wanna cheat anything ,, Im satisfied with my baby boobs ;) thks ..

if you want to cheat a little bit without a surgery, use the transwonder. It is not only for Dragqueens or transgender, its for women too. look at www.transwonder.de and watch the funny videos with our well known dragqueen olivia jones lovely greetings

thx so much for blessin' and suggestions ..<br />
I really appreciated ..<br />
You're so nice !<br />
<br />
xoxo DolL ~

Glad to hear that you enjoy your body the way it is and take the approach of its your choice to decide what you want to do! I think small boobs are wonderful and apparently you bf does too. Size doesn't reflect sexiness, but I bet you you are one very sexy lady.<br />
<br />
Keep enjoying yourself and make sure you keep having lots of FUN!

Im glad ppl love my boobs , they are blushing already ;P

because boobs are at the top but dicky is at the bottom ? lol

Boobies are great!<br />
They come in all shapes and sizes, part of what's so nice about them. I small breast in the mouth is heaven!!<br />
Interesting, similarly a lot of made of men's penis size, but the main difference (ok, there are a few...) is that with women its all out on show, whereas with the man-bit it's a usually a bit more... hidden.

yeah ,, i'd love to have some parties on the beach with few glasses of cosmo in that holidays as well ;)

haha ,, i'll think about it ,, thks ;D

I like to wear tight white T-shirt with hot pants on holidays ;)

*smiles and cheers with you* ;)

Cheers for our femininities ! <br />
Cheers for our boobs :D

I've always had naturally large breasts. Puberty hit me at age 9, so I've had them for a longggggg time LOL But if I had small breasts, I would still love myself no matter what anyone said or what the media portrayed. I would never seek surgery for reduction or to increase (if I had small breasts naturally).<br />
<br />
All women should love themselves for who they are. You are more than your birth certificate, more than if you have multiple diplomas on the wall, more than your bra or dress size. You are all so much more than the mere physical! Embrace it! Life is short enjoy!

I think women should be satisfied of what we are and how we are. No matter the boobs are big or small, Still they are beautiful as the way they are, and always, beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

i agree roxy.. long term you're going to be the happier.. besides, I like very small and very big. It's the in between I don't care for. Go figure

Definitely, if you undergo the surgery, you have to be concerned about your silicone inside when you get older Lol !

Yr boobs are big Lol ~ hahaha <br />
Anyway, I L U my elephant sis ;)<br />
No matters yr boobs are big or small !

I hate boob surgery...hon,i'm glad you too!:P

I satisfy in my boobs Lol ..<br />
but I want other girls to feel the same :)

they are 'PERFECT as YOU !! lol beautiful in and out !!! your beauty shines through .... <br />

exactly, it's the best to be beautiful inside out :)<br />
and one should be happy and satisfy what he'she has ! by not comparing with others since that would cause nothing but frustrations ToT ...

Never ever !<br />
<br />
I'd rather be happy with my baby boobs than undergo the surgery jeez ! Lol ..

Breasts small are better than those clomsy heavy ones.surgery is not required to be gracefull.If you belive in yopurself and love your body then do not bother .

Absolutely ! ;) <br />
Totally agreed with you Amy !<br />
We are what we are and we are beautiful and unique ;)

Dear Juicy<br />
<br />
If the picture in your avatar is you, I'd love to say that you are very beautiful young lady, I understand about the influences of media todays that the celebs and many girls persued that Big Breast are fascinating and sexy, To be honest, My breast are very small, (I'm sure they are even smaller than yours Lol) But I like them just like this because I believe that we are valuable, we are very special because we are beautiful naturally without any surgery or else. Some are naturally have big breast and they proud of their breast, but guys aren't always attract to them,...Since it's the same thing, The standard of "beauty" is in the eyes of beholder ! The only thing I know is "Beauty & Brain" are the most important features of being completed lady. And you seemed smart in my impression, Usually, I dont judge people by the way they look, but in your case is excepted, You own such precious values in yourself already, and if you feel so down about being yourself, drop me the line, I'd love to share the experiences with you as well :)

I love this! i wish i were as confident about myself... With the way the media glorifies big breasts, all i can feel is basically hating myself for not living up to the "world's" standards... i need to find peace with my body! help!

Sweetheart, dont worry yourself about it because, there are many men out there like myself, that prefer small breast over large sagging ones. A man/person can do the same things to small breast as bigger ones and, just remember, if you have a small framed body they also look a lot better too.

Thks Andy !<br />
<br />
You always make me feel nice to myself, <br />
Wish you feel nice to yourself as well :)<br />
<br />
I still remember your name tho u dont like it ;o