Little Under Average.

I have been a little smaller in breast size since high school. I first started to wear a bra when I was in grade 6. But when I got into grade 11, they stopped growing. Everyone else grew around me and my little mosquito bites were still little bumps. Now I am grown up and they filled out a little but they are about the same size. I still love the size of my girls. They are a part of me. I was thinking about getting some fake ones but my best friends girls are huge! She goes through, back pain, trying to find the right bra, and she wears 2 just to get support! I like the way the girls are and I will never change them!
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Please add me. I love small breasts.

I adore small breasts. They are beautiful.

I am a true small breast lover. Small perkies are so much better than saggy baggies anyday. And in my experience, smaller is more sensitive, more of a turn on to the girl. What about you, are your nipples that way, does touching them make you tingle?

I have always preferred smaller boobs not bigger ones. My wifes are small and firm and so sensitive. We have been together for over 35 hrs and the only reason I would ever leave her would be if she got fake ones. Small ones get better with age big ones get droopy and unapealing

I think A's and B's look much better and more proportionate on a woman than C's and D's.

Glad to hear assurances from you Sott, thank you. It's people like you who make us feel the whole woman.

I too am little under average but my friends in real life and online makes me feel so comfortable I am proud to wear small girls, they are perky and she loves them. Mich, you are great thank you.

I love small little breasts. They're sooooo hot! ;) yum!

Big boobs are way overrated. My wife had a boob job before we married and I wished she hadn't. I just love the smaller breast, the women with smaller breasts seem to have less problems, more feeling in thm, go bra-less more often (woo hoo). Us guys always turn our heads at the bigger breasts...well, I guess we turn our heads at all breasts, but to me, nothing turns my head quicker than a 'B' cup or smaller. Makes my tongue hard thinking about it. There are lots of guys like me out there.

Really? I think that it's awesome that you like smaller breasts. It's a nice change to the norm.

Thank you! That helps a lot!

the only thing i would say is do what you want and what you need. My wife just got a pair and i have always told her that her A's were great and they were. Problem is she was a C before the 3 kids breastfeeding. she just decided to go and she only went up to a full C. I love her for her A's or C's but the main thing she feels better with the C's she says shes gotten back were she was. good luck

Yeah, I am happy with what I have. The facination about larger breatst apparently come from the our ancestors. Breasts mimic the butt and the bigger butt the female has the more she would be able to conceive It's all about spreading the seed! There was a show on tv about boobs. I was curious!<br />
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Thank you all for your possitive comments!

what are 'average size breasts anyway? With all the fake ones what really is the average size now? <br />
I agree wiht NV........

That's good to know. I would assume the larger breasted women have had their share of men passed out on their laps from hitting their head!