That's what I've called my breats. The word "boob" is around word, it's a full word, its a word with two OO's in it.

***- its small, it's quick and it sounds triangular.

I was hassled when I was younger about "not being developed." Those people were idiots.

Recently my **** grew. I'm in my twenties and this was a surprise, but they were still ****. Then, I put on some weight. They're pushing boobs now, and I don't like it.

I love having small breats. I can wear just about anything. If I want (or need for a show) bigger breasts, i can stuff a bra or wear falsies. I can run, jump and dance without it causing me back trouble.

I am a proud owner of my small breats, and keeping them small is part of my inspiration for working out and losing some weight.

silvermoon silvermoon
4 Responses Oct 26, 2007

i like your attitude

I love small ****.

As for running, lol, I tell my kids that I don't run.<br />
<br />
Last time I ran (nephew wrecked bicycle), I had to cross my arms over my chest to avoid looking totally stupid (just partly)..heh

I consider you lucky.<br />
Funny how people with small breasts usually want bigger, and those who do, hate it. <br />
I would glady give mine away for a smaller chest. Mine was big to begin with, then after each kid I had (2), they never shrunk...<br />
In addition to the back problems, etc., I have to buy my bra's online because stores don't carry my size, and I can forget about sport bra's. <br />
It was a hassle breastfeeding too...I had to hold my boob so that I didn't smother my child.