Ah, Boobs

ladies, ya dont know how ucky you are.  i had my first breast reduction when i was 13.  i was in an F at the time.  horrible back pain, stares from men, catty girls, and the general assumption that you are a **** all coome with naturaly larg breasts.  i am in a full C cup now, and even THESE get in the way sometimes.  i love my boobs, but they can be a real pain!
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26-30, F
4 Responses Nov 2, 2007

Ouch! That doesn't sound "pleasant at all." I do hope all is well with you and manageable at this point. I know "too well" about back pain, and have no envy for you especially under the circumstances. I usually have something "off the wall or comical to say in closing," but choose not to in this situation. I just wish you the very best of luck. ~Dave

Wow...no wonder your back hurt!

Omg an F at 13!!!!!wooow....

Yay! Well, thanks. Now I feel better about my small breasts. thanks. :)