i once over heard someone saying "i was told that more than a handful is a waste of boob". it made me giggle.

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And your size please?

i'll even add that anything more than a mouthfull is a waste.... that is all the gets to feel the enjoyment anyway ..... yummmmm...... ( if you haven't guessed i am a man anyway g/f is only a 32 a so whho cares about biggger just more to look at )

Prevents all those unsightly stretch marks too, all around your lover's mouth! ;-O hehe!

lol good to hear :D. well i'm pretty happy with mine, they are in proportion to the rest of me :D

My ex told me the same thing. He said anything over a B cup is just too much boob. They are nice to look at when they are bigger then a B but as for groping and sucking on theres just too much there.

haha! I have heard that too. My 44A's are small, but they are all I have. Wish they were bigger but I'll be happy.