Tiny And I Do Mean Tiny Boobs

My boobs have gone from an 32A to almost a B cup and then down to nothing back up to a 34A and way back down again. Im extremely insecure about it and to make matters worse one of my guy friends told me today that my breast have basically stayed the same size for the past 3 1/2 years. Which is complete bull ****. Right now my boobs are like 28As and he thinks that a 34A isnt much bigger....Am I missing something here? cause last time I checked going from having only nipples to having cleavege was a huge difference.

I was also offended by it because it means that all the work and stress I have had trying to get back to that almost B cup has been for nothing and that hes not even paying attention. Heres the thing when I have 32A+ hes ALL OVER ME but when my boobs are as small as they are now he barley looks at me. And hes telling me that my boobs havent changed....im starting to think that he might have multi personality disorder. lol

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his sexual excitement might reflect how you feel about yourself too. if you hate your small boobs you're not going to feel very confident or sexy. when your boobs are bigger, you might feel more self-confident.<br />
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not that this necessarily describes you, but i dated someone before who had mood swings. she would go from good mood to bad easily. her good moods were great. i loved being around her. the bad moods made me wanna get away. she assumed my lack of interest was the due to her appearance. really, her personality during the bad moods was the cause.<br />
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again, i'm not saying you've got a bad personality. the guy might in fact not like your small boobs. but don't blame your boobs if it's not their fault either. if you're on birth control or taking breast enhancement pills, i'd imagine your hormones are affected, and as a result your moods too. just try and keep things in proper perspective and don't always assume it's the boobs..

The thing that makes me question your statement is if he really didn't think much of breast size then why would be be really sexually excited when i have boobs and not sexually excited when my boobs are smaller?

I'd back you up too, Latalia. Just be your natural self.<br />
Juliet, you can have legitimate doubts about guys' motives sometimes. But you run the risk of projecting your self-image onto their motives. Don't get into that trap. If a guy says he likes you for yourself and doesn't think much about breast size, he just might be telling the truth.

I think the reason why i dont feel comfortable about it is because my boyfriend always tells me to put my nipples away. I guess he feels like other guys are checking me out so he wants me to cover everything up. Thats why I feel so self conscious about it.

I got a 34AA or 34A and I'm gonna start showing off my nipples and my boyfriend would love me to do that...He really backs me up. Maybe you just have to tell him the reason why?

I also have a flat chest as a result of my lean triathlon body. My hugely sensitive nipples also stand out like pencil erasers when I don’t wear a bra. It feels erotic and keeps me mildly turned on going out like that.<br />
You get over the feeling exposed bit and it becomes fun.<br />
At least we don’t have to worry about droopy sagging boobs.<br />
Hugs<br />

My whole thing is i was told as a kid that not wearing a bra was okay and because my nipples are big its weird to me to not wear a bra and i just feel so exposed.

Ami is right.. let those puppies stand at atttention... it'll garner you tons of attention in return! Bill

Julie, don't worry, I too have small boobs - Not even a full A! I rarely wear a bra and I get LOTS of looks around here on campus. My nipples are very prominent and I love it!

Thank you. I have found two guys who appreciate me for who I am but I have trouble believing it due to my self esteem issues and their pasts.

It has to do with pills ive taken over the last few years, birth control and breast enhancement pills. I have seen doctors about it and all they tell me is im too skinny. I cant gain weight cause my metabolism is too damn fast so i need pills to help them grow.<br />
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Umm kind of, i hate it when people touch them but i like it when they get sucked on and i have to wear a bra cause they are too big when my boobs are this small.