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The flat jokes started when I was twelve. It's 37 years later & the jokes haven't stopped. It doesn't always get better just because you get older.  I won't let a doctor check me or go for a mammogram because I am too ashamed to remove my top. I'm posting this in the hope that parents will teach their young sons never to tease girls about the size of their chests. Sometimes these boys grow into men who still make cruel comments over something which a woman has no control.

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love the small ones equally please add

Kids can be so cruel...but they should grow up!

I am so sorry for the cretans among us that have hurt you so. TGhere are many among us that appreciate feminie beauty in all its forms. I would love to chat with you sometime.

I'm sorry you had cruel comments. I'm 48 years old man and I love flat chested ladies, flatter the better. I love to watch and kiss nipples on completely flat chest.

Be proud of your pert breasts!<br />
Many large busted women are actually envious of you.<br />
Show your shape - and you have a shape!<br />
Thin tops, sheer blouses, whatever you feel up to...<br />
Let yourself feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.<br />
Sunbathe topless or nude, let your beautiful body become the sensual pleasure palace it deserves to be. Women of your years are hiding their breasts.<br />
Be proud of yours - they are beautiful to behold!!