I've always been insecure about my tiny breasts. I remember in middle school watching all the girls growing into themselves and it seemed like I wasn't growing at all. I'm a 36 A...but only 36 because I have a large ribcage, not because my breasts are on the larger side of A...they aren't. I've tried accepting them and loving them...but I can't help but feel really self conscious. it's like...I don't really feel like a real woman. I think small breasts on other women are beautiful and attractive...and I hear men say they are as well...but I have a feeling that when they say "small breasts" they mean a B size. Mine are just...tiny. And the worst part is they aren't even a good shape. I joke about them and pretend I like them when I'm around friends...but the truth is they butcher my self esteem. One of the main pros I hear about having small breasts is that you can go braless, but I'm too embarrassed to do so. I rely too much on my padded bra to falsely enhance my chest and give me an ounce of dignity and confidence...but at the same time every time I put on a bra that makes my breasts look larger than they are I feel like I'm lying. 

I don't mean to complain or rant...I'm just looking for some support, and for other women who know how it feels to be flat-chested in a society that's boob-crazed. 


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yeah, i agree. i would give anything to be a full a.

i know exactly how you feel. even the full a's are lucky! i am very very small.. and insecureabout it. both those qualities make me feel like i am unattractive.. its a bad cycle. i am also not petite!!!!!! it seems like my genes have f'ed up my life, some days are worse than others, but i refuse to let it get me down. i am worth more than a cup size to anyone that actually cares and isnt shallow and just obsessed with breasts. i am here for you and i know how it feels. :) :) beauty does not originate below the shoulders and above the waist.

Thanks aphrade, your comment really did make me feel better :)

I wish I could be of more help other than say that I think small breasts are attractive. I honestly don't understand the obsession with large breasts. I dated a girl just after high school, we both had just graduated and were sexually involved. She had a large A cup small B cup, and I thought they were wonderful. I wouldn't know what to do with more, and if they had been smaller, I would have treated them the same. <br />
I hope that is at least somewhat encouraging. Like I said, I wish I could be of some more help.