Are We All Going Crazy, Insane Or Both?

I know that we can all agree that we are living a nightmare every day, every hour and every second!
None of us ever knew about this disease (if it is a disease) nor would we have ever cared to learn about it, in all our past lives. But here we are and now what should we do? I Really Really wish I wasnt writing this!

Probably none of us could put an exact time frame on when our symptoms first began. For me, I believe it was in either June or July of 2012. At first I didnt pay much attention to the intermittent slight pins and needles, sore feet etc. Then the numbness came one day and it became obvious to me that something was wrong. With the numbness to my toes, upper fore-foot to my ankles and tenderness and pain to the soles of my feet. With the problem came the realization that the pain and numbness wasnt going away! My feet showed unusual signs of dryness and flaking and the pain in all my toes felt like I was standing on razor blades at times or that my toes were being crushed!! The bottoms of my feet, to where the arch begins, continuously feel as if Im walking on rocks and my feet have mood swings between hot burning pain and chilly cold episodes. My heels have become noticably dry.

I have high blood pressure and my GP had started me on Amlodipine Besylate 5mg and Benazepril HCL 10mg. I am also on Levothyroxine 100mcg for my thyroid. I have been taking Prilosec for heartburn for years. After my GP switched me to the A & B high blood pressure drugs above, I noticed the symptoms associated with neuropathy and I took myself off the meds with my thinking that they were the cause. New BP meds were prescribed. Otherwise I was always fairly healthy and athletic all my life.

After reading most, if not all of each of your comments, I can categorically state that we are all frustrated and are all extremely anxious! I know that I cant sleep most nights and feel like Im going NUTS, especially when I feel hopeless, when I only have myself to talk to when my wife and children are all asleep. I now watch the sun come up most days. I, like you, cant believe that this terrible "thing" has happened to us....why me??? Now that over 6 months have passed (how time flies when your having fun) I cant even remember how it felt to feel normal with only my usual aches and pains. What I would give to trade this for a 6 month episode of Kidney Stones (and for anyone who has had them, and I did, its the equivalent, per a female doctor I met in the emergency room that had kidney stones too, "its like giving birth to 5 children" and for us guys, I would take a helmet to my groin constantly for 6 months straight)...if only to know that the kidney stones would pass, but Im not too sure about the pain and intollerable anxiety we all share with SFPN (my first abreviation of this crap ;>)

At least my GP ( took the first nutritional barrage of blood tests) and sent me first to a podiatrist and neurologist for an EMG). Luckily, (how strange how I now equate "Lucky") my doctors spared me the bozo run-a-round that many of you had to experience before you learned what we apparently have.

Thank God for my loving wife who has shown supernatural patience and has found me the help that I need to continue the fight to beat this horrible monster! I have to be driving her nutzzz, but she is still there giving her full support and love....even when I know but cant help that I am angry at my body and anything else that would cause me this suffering. God, she has to be an angel to put up with my short temper when the pain and depression/anxiety become unbelievable and unbearable (most, naaaaa everyday!) Thats sad!

I still have hope, maybe I'm too new to all of this and maybe I havent gone to every doctor (who I still look towards to cure me) but, I cant believe that I will have to put up with this for the rest of my life....I want to feel my feet again and my toes and YES without the razor blade pain!!!! I took myself off the Gabapentin 300mg prescribed by my neurologist at Univ. of PA Hospital in Phila.(it only made me dizzy and non-functional/sleepy without having any real affect on my feet. I am now taking Vicodin as needed, lots of Tylennol and Dr. now prescribed a different anti-depressant drug Elavil (didnt take yet). I also like the cold tile floor on my feet and my wife bought me $40 ceramic thread neuropathy socks off the internet (they seem to help me) by Prolotex Far Infrared Therapy Clothing phone: 888-327-9663 ( I also always hated wearing socks or shoes all my life and didnt unless I was going out or to work, but now I have plush Isotoner slippers which help too and I sometimes wear them to bed too...if Im not on the couch (most nights)!!

Remember we are all in this together and we must support each other, because only we truly know how bad we feel and how much PAIN we are all experiencing...yes its sad and I too can cry and do at many times during the day, especially when I feel the hopelessness and frustration! Hang in there or we will all hang together (if that was good enough for our Founding Fathers to say, it certainly is good enough for us). At the very least, if the Myan calendar is correct, the world only has 5 more days left anyway 12/21/12 as I write this!!! So Pray, continue to seek support and hope someone has a magical cure! By the way I sent for a Antioxidant Neuropathy Support Formula supplement with B1, B2, B6, B12, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D,Feverfew, Oat Straw, Skullcap and Passionflower extracts. If it starts to work or gives me any relief, I will report it. If anyone wants to try it too the bottle has the telephone number of 888-840-7142. I hope it works!! Only took it for 2 days now.

God Bless each of you and stay strong!

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Hi, I also am living with extreme pain from neuropathy. I am unable to work, he'll, I can only walk a few feet with a walker. Cannot stand the pain and am now so depressed. I have had to move in with my elderly mother ( she is 76, I am 54). I am no divorced with no kids. This situation is really bad because my mother does not actually want me here. It is clear that she finds me a burden. I have applied for disability but it has not yet been granted. Life seems very dark right now. It does help to know I am not alone. God bless us all.