I Have Large & Small Fiber Idiopathic Sensorimotor Peripheral Neuropathy

That's right since about April 2011 @ age 23 years old(nearly two years ago). It's started with muscle twitching, then progressed to muscle-aches & pains,numbness (pins & needles), sensory loss, tremors etc. I'm on Neurontin 300mg twice a day, Nadolol 20mg daily(beta-blocker that helps with the shakes.) & Amitriptyline 10mg(Tricyclic antidepressant) at night. It came on out of nowhere @ hasn't let up one bit. I've been to a couple of Neuro's had an EMG(came back abnormal & was poof of Peripheral Neuropathy.) Now I have to have 4 MRI's two with contrast material & two without of both the Brain & Spinal Cord(to rule out demylination of the central nervous system.) as I also have Optic Nerve inflammation & Migraine.
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I have many of your symptoms but I was not diagnosed until I was in a car crash. I had lived with pain and lethergy 43 years and never told a soul. But after the accident where my foot was crushed and 3 surgeries to rebuild it my neuropathy went wild. I had chronic pain for 7 years, I was a teacher and kept teaching for 7 more years until one morning in 2004 I walked into a classroom and had no idea where I was or what to do. I feel that way most of the time since then. I breezed through my disability hearing.