Do I Belong Here? Measurments?

I never thought about hand size until a few years ago when one night sitting at a bar, this lady comes up to me and randomly asks me to press my hand agaisnt hers.

At fist I had no idea what was going on but since i had a few beers I played along. Anyway as we compared I noticed that I my hands were longer. by how much? maybe somewhere in the .5inch to a full inch longer. in anycase they didnt seem huge compared to hers but they were still bigger(still not getting it)
she then goes on to tell me that I have small hands and of course im like whatever and brush it off as she walks away back to the other side of the bar. she was probably anywhere from 5ft-5'4 and I am just under 6ft. I then compared hands with my friend sitting next to me and we were just about the same size(hes 5'9).

so long story short I start to really think about this over and over and over and everywhere i go i visually compare my hands with girls and other guys, in my mind it looks as though almost all guys I see are bigger and it seems im like the same size as most girls. ugh she ruined me for a month! i was obsessed!

can we get some measurements from everybody here? guys and girls? I still don't know where I stand. my hand length seems to be exactly 7.5inches and 3.5inches wide. my gf at the time measured hers for me lol and came out to 6.75 yet she was 5'4. i dont know my current gfs size, i am bigger but it doesnt seem like a lot. she is 5'3

sorry for so long, please read and respond!
avaholic1921 avaholic1921
26-30, M
Jan 23, 2013