I Hate My Small Hands :(

I am a man with a great vocal, enjoy singing and playing the guitar, ladies do mesmerized by my talents. However, one thing that bothered me a lot is my small hands, about 17 cm long. Sometime I really got so irritated while looking at myself in the mirror. I've been told by some ladies that I am quite good looking but my hands is so cute & small. I don't know was that a compliment or merely a joke. Sometime I got so depressed, this small hands of mine somehow had ruin my social life!!! Killing my confidence and self-esteem!!! I can't get myself to talk to girls and afraid of them noticing my hands. Sigh. :(
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I, too, have abnormally small hands (same size/length as yours; below average palm size with extremely, abnormally short, skinny and stubby fingers.) I stand 5'9", and when I was young, I was just hoping that they would grow someday, but never did. Ever since I began to hear people talk about my hands, I've become a laughing stock in the society, and it is impossible for me to efficiently handle my daily tasks. I used to be a person that loved going out and being social, but now I'd rather just stay home, even if I'm not doing anything. I am planning on visiting a psychiatrist, because I can't live like this anymore.

There are some men with big hands who don't know how to use them , you seem to know how to use your hands and that's all that matters to a lady

my hands also are 17cm long exactly measured from wrist end of middle finger's palm bone (carpal?) to end of middle finger and I am 5'11" (180cm) tall! I hate my proportions!

Everybody has something they don't like about themselfs. I have the same problem that you do so know that you're not alone. Stay positive and **** depression .

Thanks bro...I will...just asking...did you ever had difficulties finding a suitable clothes or fashion for yourself...because I always do...whenever I wear be it a singlet, normal t-shirt or even shirts that I like, I just find that my hands don't even get along on what I am wearing...it just look very weird...feel so tortured... lolx

yeah man im mostly wearing longsleeve shirts . if its to hot i wear a lighter material long sleeve. i also suffer from ptsd so im having more difficulties adjusting to life. the key is not to dwell on it. laugh more often even if you got some ****** up teeth, women are more attracted to a man with confidence because they too have flaws.

I see...hahahz...my teeth is normal ...Glad to see you fully recovered and trying to encourage others...thanks!!!