Small Hands, Special Pinkies=)

I still don't get why over here people are surprised that i have small hands. jst cause i have a booty don't mean my hands are handalicious as well.

but i like my hands. plus my pinkies are special. they curve towards my ring finger so when i put them together they form the letter Y. They even get stuck when i put one pinky inside an empty soda can. why you may ask i put my fingers inside empty soda can. maybe i was checking if the opening was opened enough?.. maybe..

anyways, i remember my dad saying that when i was younger, he wanted to put braces to make them straight, but he never got to do it. I thanked him that he didn't. I like them the way they are. Like me. Cute and curvy..Different and Unique.. %-).. maybe wen i learn to do the impossible, to take pictures without usin my hands, ill take pics of my pinkies and post them.... or maybe i should jst ask someone to take the durr.

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I have a wrinkle line missing on one of my fingers and believe it or not other kids would see it every time and make fun of me and make sure to tell others about it. I was so self conscious about it, kids are so cruel. In the big scheme of things it does not mean a thing now, but it did then for some reason.

I'm teary eyed to find others like myself, it is so comforting. I was teased in elementary school like some oddity to laugh at. My thumb is also different, a doctor described as a hammer thumb and usually associated with disabilities. I learned to hide them in pockets or turn my hands in so no one would noticed. My dad gave me organ lessons with hopes it would help my fingers grow, I barley can reach an octive, but I can play very well. It turns out having small hands does have it advantages as I can knit, paint, and sew, to name a few things and do them well. Oh and to An EP User, I bite my nails still and I'm 53. Thank you for this opportunity to connect.

i have small hands and both of my pinkies curve toward my ring finger <3 i often wonder why they are so small. someone once told me that it was because somewhere in my geneology, the paths

nice... im also like u , i have small, chubby, masculine digits but its ok tho, i dont care. as long as its not aching seriously.... i just ignored my friends who teased me about it, just said to them its my charm hahahah and true, im always lucky!!!!

OUch!.. lol. um, i've never gotten a manicure or a pedicure.. it's a wonder i even know the words.. actually, my manicurist are my teeth.. i know, bad habit..

ok... i will.. i only have pic of my left hand though.. but baby pinkie does describe mine too.. heehee..

haha.. thank you=)

Nice story. The question makes sense now. LOL :)