Growing Pains

So for a few years I've been taking herbs faithfully with some results but nothing too dramatic. But just recently started with a change and after a month of it my nipples are sooo sore and aching, and my boobs are getting bigger now too. AND AND then last night laying in bed I was massaging them and (my nipples are pierced so always have a little extra stimulation too) I found drops forming in the middle of my nipple :):):):) .. plus my partner licks and sucks on them almost every night too so that helps too
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Thank you for the information hun.

Hey there I was just looking back and lots are asking what herbs? For everyone it's not always the same you have to find what works for you, but what I've found works for me is Pueraria Mirifica , for the estrogen properties ,,, I do take way over what they say but saw no difference with just the recommended dosage. The other one is saw palmetto to lower testosterone. And LOTS of water it's good for the body.

I would love to know which herbs you have been using and the dose.

What did you find works>

what have you been using?

I'd like to know what you're using. Please add me as a friend.

Increasing sensitiveness is a clear indicator when they start growing.

its extremely painful to touch! Use your lips t go around the aeurola prtion only - dont sqeeze. Take along time,

well Ill join the sore nipples club Hahahaha.<br />
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My wife is doing her best to nurture mine. Missing a close friend to help you I have heard that an electric breast pump provides some serous arousel. <br />
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I have been taking some hormones for a month now and my nipples are soooo sore too! I can't wait until i can have something come out of my nipples. I can't wait for someone to suckle me as well!<br />
I am new to crossdressing and I am looking for a mentor. I hope we can become friends and you let me in on some of your beauty secrets?<br />
Best!<br />

I sure would like to suck on your nipples and I am sure much much more