My Wife Has Perky 36b's

I absolutely LOVE my wife's breasts. In the world of pinup girls she would not be considered up to par I suppose due to her boob size but I think she is sexier with smaller boobs and if she wanted to get implants to increase their size I would vote against that. I believe her ******* are almost flawless and whenever I or others get to see a little nipple slip I can almost come on the spot. She has almost perpetually hard nipples and I love when she goes braless and I can see the sway of her breast and her nips poking through the fabric. Occasionally she will wear a blouse with no bra and when the blouse gaps at the buttons and I and others can see the firm roundness of the bottom of a breast that is a major turn on for me. And, of course, from time to time I get her to unbutton her top and let her blouse just hang open to give hints of what is underneath. I have actually seen guys drool when she does that. God I love my sexy redhead!
long2watch long2watch 51-55, M Dec 22, 2011

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