Bubble Lounge

The hubby, moi, and my friend "A" drove down to Albuquerque for an extended weekend.  A is from Afghanistan and Muslim.  He has been wanting to take me to this particular club in ABQ and a hookah lounge.  So, we went on Friday.  The club had good music and decor, but it is a bit smaller than I am used to.  One whacked out drunko wouldn't leave this other girl and I alone until her wonderful huge boyfriend came on the floor.  It is amazing how that works.  We had a nice talk and he is a tattoo artist.  He had Indian arrowheads on each of his fingers.  Good Stuff.  A brought his other Afghan friend that I have met before.  He has a 21 year old girlfriend that clings to him like saran wrap.  The poor guy looked so miserable.  I have never seen a clingy nature that was good for anyone.  We leave the club at 1 and walk down to the hookah lounge.  It was such a beautiful night.  The guy at the door knows A, of course.  I swear he knows everyone in all the Middle Eastern communities throughout the west.  Anyway,  the door guy ushers us through the place to the back room where the DJ is.  The wall is lined with red velvet couches in that little swooshy shape.  The place is like being in a rap video, with all that that implies.  He orders coconut hookah (my choice), some other fruity flavor, and some Turkish coffee.  My friend got a digital camera a few months ago and is now obsessed.  He takes pics everywhere we go.  His life is one big model photo shoot.  We take pictures in poses on the couch and smoking the hookah.  I was expecting it to be a bit tobacco flavored, but it isn't at all.  It was like smoking flavored steam.  I might have felt a bit more relaxed.  I couldn't tell because I was so freaking tired.  It was a good time and now I want a hookah. I think it would be a nice ending activity to dinner and party nights.  There is also a hookah bar in Boulder, so we will have to try it.  We discussed the door mans ethnicity on the way home.  I try to guess and always get it wrong. He is Palestinian and was tortured in an Israel prison when he was 12, for throwing rocks at the military.   It was a sad life story, interesting none the less.

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HAHA, I don't mind your hijackings because you also have excellent comments to go with your very cool blogs. :P I enjoyed this one as an example.

Damn... I should have written it in my "List of Things to do before I die" journal, so that I could have crossed it off. :P