So Much So That It Gets Me In Trouble.

i have so much love inside of me i just want some one to want it. i have been told i am over whelming?  i don't meant to be it just happens. i really care about people that much. i am even afraid i spooked someone who is my friend on here. if i see you are having a rough day i will send you a gesture or a msg to see what's wrong. i am not prying or anything i just give a damn!  there have been days when i wish (and it does happen most days on here) someone would ask me to talk to them and tell them whats wrong. i so have great people who care and i am not complaining. here's what i told someone yesterday. i like helping people it takes my mind off of what's going on in my life. may not make sense but that's how i feel. i care and hope some people can just accept me for who i am! 

darlinsam darlinsam
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Are you talking about poop?

Your responce it seems to me is more common than you think. Can't imagine people getting upset. And the people who will accept you for who you are, they are true friends.