Bond With Me

Take me my angel
On a lovers flight
Two souls wrapped in desire
Under a moonlit night.

Let us lay under stars
Your heavenly body mine to gaze
Lets erupt like a blazing fire
Getting caught up in our orgasmic haze.

As you look at me from above
Your hands grasping my chest
I take hold of your sweetness
As I suckle your gorgeous breast.

I feel your voice tremble
As I take you in
Your body rides me softly
You clamping me from within.

I run my hands down slowly
To your tender hips
As I grasp onto you tightly
My tongue parting your lips.

I feel the warmth inside you
As it covers me so deep
Your warm precious honey
I feel as it begins to seep.

I wrap my arms around
The lower part of your back
You grabbing me more tightly
As if to attack.

We move in sacred motion
So fluid and so free
Becoming a sacred bond
So beautiful and heavenly.

I hear your voice get more stressed now
Your panting is divine
I feel this love inside of me
Knowing you are mine.

And with an erotic scream
Your waterfall cascades down
Drenching my peak
So much I thought i'd drown.

With this sensual cry
My wave crashes into your shore
Deep into your hidden valley
The one I adore.

And as you collapse down
Covering me as you shake
I wrap my arms around you
Holding you during your wake.

My heart beats with yours
As I need you near
To assure and to comfort
To taste your sacred tears.

As I hold you near me
Kissing you deep inside
Our love is assured
That we no longer hide.


Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
Dec 1, 2012