Come To Me

Step into my hidden lair
Cross the threshold if you dare
Come on in with perfect trust
To give in to my secret lust.

Let your heart know no bounds
Of the desire that you've found
Give in to pleasure that you seek
That I give with sensual heat.

For I will help you reach that high
Of orgasmic bliss released with an erotic cry
Give in to my control
Where I bond with your soul.

Let us ride to pleasures peak
That sensual pleasure that we seek
As I take you in my hand
You will finally understand.

I am going to give you my fire
That ignites inside your burning desire
To make your body tremble and shake
From the rush of your orgasmic wake.

For it is this I understand
My goal of being your man
To give to you much loving pleasure
Released to you with highest measure.

So give in to me my love
As I take you to the heavens above
With a love so deep and rare
That with you, I only want to share.

Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
5 Responses Dec 10, 2012


Thank you

Beautiful!! :)

Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it.

Ugh I love it. I think I have a poetry crush on you, and I'm actually contemplating putting some of my own work up :)

Well good, please do. poetry is a lost art form.

You have such a talent for romantic and sensual poetry. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thank You for reading...

nice :)

Thank you hun