How can I extend my day? I need 72 hours each day, what ever I do, it seem the pile of unfinished tasks doesn't stop growing!!!

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@4vrUnique: thanks for the advise, unfortunately things I have to do are all highest priority! like meeting a deadline, cooking dinner for my hungry daughter! washing her uniform so she can go to school the day after.<br />
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@ the Maiden: thank you, that sounds really good

People always tell me just do one thing at a time and prioritize. It tough when so many things are important. Just make a choice and if necessary change it.

I will try the advice given and tell you how it goes.

Hey my friend if you come up with a way to extend our days holler at me ok-lol

Sounds great, actually I think I'll try that, though I know I'll have to do them later! but it's worth the try

Thank you for the advice, sounds very rational, I am going to try that

milady <br />
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maybe a change in your point of reference could help. look at the small thing that you do complete.<br />
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if i could one little non routine thing each day, I would finish 250 outstanding things on my to do list each year, counting only monday to friday<br />
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if i could finish only 1 per week, I would be an extremely happy man<br />
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love and peace

@ flourlady: thanks, I would need luck!<br />
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@ MizzBlue: yes 8 arms would help, I should have thought of that! I'll add it to my request.<br />
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Thank you very much for your comments

ha - 72 hours and 8 arms and hands!!

good luck on that one

But imagine if they did! Wow that would be wonderful. Thank you very much for your sympathy, I feel like I am not the only one, and that really helps.<br />
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Thanks again

I feel the same .. <br />
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Things just dont get done