A Lump..

  I always sit on my *** like a big lump until the last few hrs of sunlight then i finally drag and do my (school) work-which in turn makes me stay up till 2 or so. then i dont fall asleep until maybe 3 then i get up at 7 rip and run until 7:35 then I go to school; tired as a damn dog. Scribble down notes half confused, go home after my last MORNING class-take a "nap" that last about 4 hrs, then the cycle begins all over again..

i need structure

*Just thought that i should mention*

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"i get up at 7 rip and run until 7:35"<br />
<br />
Oh, lol.....I read the story as you literally "run" in the mornings! Sorry, my mistake! I was like..."no wonder you're tired! A run first thing in the morning after not much sleep!"<br />
<br />
As far as functioning not as well....I suppose I do too. I mean, I still breathe, eat, exist.....just not much else. lol!

running..not a option. <br />
<br />
oh i can FUNCTION without the full 7-8 hrs..just not AS WELL.

What if you ran in the afternoons? Would you have more time to sleep then? I am the kind who absolutely needs 7-8 hours at night or I cannot function. I feel sooooo bad for you!

lol! <br />
atleast SOMEBODY out there knows part of my struggle.

Holy frig.<br />
That sounds so much like me I can't believe it.<br />
You've got the same times as me and everything.<br />
jeez.<br />
I know how it feels.