Scared to Go Out

I am scared to go out. I really am.

No one understands.

They think I'm just lazy.


I'm really shy and self-conscious about what people think of me.

I always feel bad about myself.

There were actually MONTHS that passed by that I haven't went out.

I am so scared to go out.

I really need a true friend to help me see the light and to accept me as I am.

I don't want to be scared alone anymore :(
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you shoud text i have the same problm i text people and stay at home my number is 7062641776

you shoud text i have the same problm i text people and stay at home my number is 7062641776

you shoud text i have the same problm i text people and stay at home

So how do you get over this? Anyone have any advice besides getting meds from a doctor?

im feel the same as you, i hate going out, im a really skinny guy :(, but i have to, im going to college this September and in three weeks im going to do an assessment to make it into college. i have very few friends and hardly ever go out, in high school i never went out, just school, home, eat, n play games. im glad in not the only 1 with social anxiety. :(

None of my freinds understand they ask me to go out to a club and i always say yes and plan what i'm going to wear i even get ready that night but aways mae up an excuse . not to go but i can leave the house to go out otherwise i dont know whats wrong i used to go out clubbing.

I totally agree, I've gone months without going out too, usually just stupid family things. Which are also bad, I am really shy and anxious around my family too, I rarely even leave my room anymore, only to eat and bathroom. <br />
<br />
<br />
If you ever wanna talk, you can email me. or just message me on here. =D

I feel I must comment again. <br />
If you think about it logically (which can be difficult) No one out there gives a toss about you, and will not even notice you. People are too interested in themselves and what they are doing. Even if you think they are looking at you, they are not actually SEEING you.<br />
There is no shame in seeing a counsellor, or thapist. This is common, but very curable if you seek help.<br />
<br />
You can always talk to me, as I am a bit of a psychologist myself, and have also sufferred the same problem. Don't try going out on your own, you need a friend or relative with you, or someone you know you can trust.<br />
<br />
Take it easy, and good luck.<br />

Hey friend, <br><br />
<br><br />
I don't even go on the terrace of my house thinking that my neighbors will see me. If its very urgent then i step out of house after dusk. I feel very comfortable at night. I sometimes stay months inside my house and 90% of that time in my room only. Its been month i havn't been to the drawing room of my house. <br><br />
<br><br />
Can anyone prescribe me some meds, coz I am not comfortable visiting a psychiatrist also. My confidence level is in negative values.

I have the same thing. I can go out sometimes, but if anyone comes up to me to talk to me, I just freeze. <br />
<br />
I cannot go to parties, hate them, can't talk to anyone. <br />
<br />
I have had loads of therapy, and in some ways it has helped, but NO parties ever, hate them.<br />
<br />
Try going out with someone else at first for a short time, that always helps, if you know them it helps, not a social worker or anything though.<br />
<br />
It's called agoraphobia, and there is help out there, but you need to speak to your doctor.<br />
<br />
Take care, and Good

i can go places and even make eye contact, but i cant talk to people, and i almost have a panic attack every time i walk into class and people look up at me :(

did you hear me

I have sexual anxiety! Really! No Joke? after I ********** I cant go out for at least a week

I am sorry about the way you feel. But you have to look for answers & solutions within yourself. Take it slow, take it one step at a time, but move forward. <br />
Try to go for brisk walks, 5 minutes at first and that slowly build. Give yourself a reward once you have accomplished something & be proud. It takes time, but if you really want it, you can get there!

damnn i lived exactly the same things. when i was outside i wasn t feeling comfortable at all, i wanted to go home as quick as possible. Thx God i am ok now.. i hope you be ok as soon as possible..

for a few years i would go out untill it got dark just to get alcohol,i would jump at my own shadow,would feel weird seeing outdoor scenery on the tv,liked going to the bk door standing by the door feeling the wind stoped the drink but still preper not to go out.doc put me on anti depression pills didnt really work.dont want another day to get by me hate it

i know exactly how everyone feels.... 7 months ago i was in the house for a full year w/o leaving the house i am on meds now and i actually got a job!! slow and easy and meds do help!!

I have social anxiety too, I havent always, just for the last 3 years. I make my own hours at work and i go in at 5:30 am just to avoid the majority of people. Eye contact is not easy for me, i guess i feel so ashamed .<BR>Just knowing that there are others here to talk to has helped a lot, I hope it helps you too. I sent to you a private email message if you want to be friends.

I feel the same. But if I have to go out I wear my baseball cap and rush and dont use eye contact. I also have to go to work (it's terrible to have to act happy at my job) have you ever seek a doc or taken meds?

I have social anxiety too. I feel very awkward in social situations and I avoid them at all costs. My husband and I just moved to Los Angeles and I have not been able to leave my apartment. I feel like I am trapped here and am a prisoner in my own home. I don't know what to do...

I too have a problem going out and I am very self-conscious of what other people think about me from head to toe, but I suggest that u take it one step at a time and try to overcome this slowly but surely.

I know how you are feeling. I have the same issues. I recently went to a new doctor and he prescribed new meds for me. Im feeling alot better....but I still have my days. Its been only a month....but its gonna be a long road to feel better. I am here for you sweetie. You need not go through this alone at all. Youre not just have something that gets you down. Hang in there....try and see a doctor if youre not already doing so. It could be the best thing for you. Meds arent everything but they do help!